Automatic time tracking with rules and keywords

time tracking software

TimeCamp allows its users to track time automatically without much manual intervention!

This feature is based on the desktop application and keywords that need to be set. Right-click on the icon of TimeCamp on the toolbar and then choose the auto mode. It will run the automatic time tracking.

If the user turns on the Task Widget (which can be activated by right-clicking on the icon of TimeCamp and selecting “Show Task Widget”), there is the possibility to change the time tracking from manual to automatic – the user needs to change the letter to the name of the task from M to A.

time tracking software
Keywords connected to the task must be unique, specific and unambiguous. It is important to avoid common words, which can be associated with many projects or tasks. If keywords are correctly matched, TimeCamp will exactly know when the user starts and finishes the project.
Every task can have multiple keywords. It can be the name of the application, URL or window title of the web page, the name of a document, file or folder or a client name. This name needs to appear in the active window.
time tracking software

How to track time automatically with TimeCamp?

The user can define keywords for new projects and tasks in “Projects” section by clicking “+add project or task” at the bottom of the screen. After that, the window where the user can type selected keywords will show up on the right side of the screen. There is also an option to edit already existing project or task. In “Keywords management” which is easy to find in “Projects” section, the user can add new keywords or change existing ones.

In TimeCamp there are two ways to edit keywords.

Whether clicking directly on the specific rule or the image of the pencil on the right side of the screen, next to the chosen task. After setting rules, every time TimeCamp detects the interlined keywords by searching for them in windows or documents titles and URL addresses, it will assign time for the specific task or project connected to keywords.

Switching between the tasks is in all way automatic!

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