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TimeCamp day by day – #starter 2

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TimeCamp day by day - #starter 2.

Every company and every entrepreneur are aware of the fact that time is precious. Time is money and every minute has a big value. Finding a solution that will help in better time management seems to be necessary. TimeCamp and its Time Tracking is a response.

Imagine that you are working on an important task that should be done, for example once a week for two months. You need to know exactly how much time you have spent on this kind of activity. This information can help you a lot.

1. Firstly, it is easier to plan your workday because you know approximately how many hours you need to finish a task in the future. Secondly, it will help you become more productive.

2. Recently I needed to create a monthly statement of sales of our product. It should have been filled with details about a form of payment, names of our clients, date of payment and so on.  I thought it was easy and not absorbing task, which would take about an hour of my daily work time. I started by choosing “Timesheets” section in TimeCamp application. Then I clicked “ascribe time for…” the day of my work and afterwards “add project or task”. I gave it a proper name – “statement of sales”.

3. When the task was set I just needed to click the play button in the column “timer” to start counting the time.

When the task was done I pressed the pause button. I was very surprised when I saw how much time I have spent on this task! It took me about 2 hours to complete all the cells in the table. Writing, research of necessary information, all these things took much more time than I thought at the beginning. It was about one hour more than I assumed!

Now I’m aware of time spent on “statement of sales” task and it is easier for me to plan my working day. I know that I need to reserve the bigger amount of time or be more focused on the task. I can’t let myself be distracted by social network sites or chats with co- workers.  Follow my example! Give Time tracking a fair try and save valuable minutes.

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