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  • January 3, 2014
  • by Jakub Szyszka
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From time to time, there is a day when you don’t have a time to track all of the activities that need to be done during your workday. There are a lot of things to do, you have limited amount of time, you need to switch between tasks, so let’s be honest – you don’t want to mind about manual time tracking. Here comes TimeCamp with automatic Time Tracking.

It never seems easier. Automatic time tracking is based on keywords. Every time TimeCamp detects interlined keywords it will start to count time for specific task which was defined in “Projects” section.
Just click the “Projects” section and then “+add project or task” at the bottom of the screen. Notice: You can also edit already existing project or task.

When you have already edited or created a new project or task, choose the name of the project/task and enter keywords which are connected to the task. It can be: the name of application, URL or window title of the web page, name of a document, file or folder, a client name.

I created the project which I named “Accounting”. It is connected with keywords like “internet accounting”, pages with payments and money transfer like “Paypal”, “Paylane” and any other similar phrases like the one typed below. When I open a page or a document connected with the keywords TimeCamp will automatically start counting time for project/task. I don’t need to mind about switching between projects by myself so it is easier for me to stay focused on the task and save some valuable minutes.

TimeCamp automatic Time Tracking is an useful option. So is printing statistics tool. You can find it at the end of “Statistics” section. It lets you easily check how many pages were printed in one day or in the whole month.

As an Office Manager, I need to print many documents, for example invoices or contracts of employment. I need to be sure that specific document was printed. Sometimes, I also need to know when exactly it was printed. As memory likes to play tricks here comes TimeCamp with help. I just open “Printing statistics”, then type the name of the document which should be printed. If it was printed TimeCamp will show the name of the user which was instructed to print it. Then I just need to click on his/her name to check the date of the print, number of copies, format of document and name of the printer.

It is a great tool to have documents to print under control. You don’t have to worry that some of documents were passed over. Just a few clicks and everything is clear 🙂

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