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  • February 19, 2014
  • by Marlena Kuczyńska
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Besides appreciation, prestige and satisfaction with the achievements, salary is one of the most important motivators. It influences effectiveness and work enthusiasm. Every company has a different way of tracking attendance, what helps them to calculate the salary. Some of them use a list of attendance where every employee needs to write down the time of coming to the office and then the time of leaving. Other companies establish regular working hours – for example from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

In our company, we have flexible working hours and using TimeCamp to track them is something that really helped me. All information about working hours and attendances is kept in one place – “Attendance” in statistics section.

Open it,  then choose the employee you are interested in and mark in calendar the specific range of time, for example from 1st to 31th of January. (You can also choose just one day or one week period, if needed.)

If you do so, TimeCamp will display the total amount of hours worked in the specific time period, which is divided into two columns – total tracked and turn on/off diff. In the Total tracked column you can find details about the amount of time logged for different activities, excluding away time. In “Turn on/off diff” column you can find information about the exact time of computers running – from the moment of turning it on to the moment of turning it off, even if there weren’t any activities logged. What is more, on the left side, in the “What have I done?” column, there is an option to add a description of the working day or to mark it as a business trip, holiday, sick leave, vacation leave or just absensce.

With this variety of different options, payroll processing seems to be more clear. What is more important, this activity doesn’t absorb a lot of time. I don’t need to sum up every hour of every day worked manually. It is enough to scroll down, TimeCamp will do it automatically. Moreover, I will exactly know when someone is absent and what is the reason and I don’t need separate spreadsheets for that. It is much better to have all information in one place.

Marlena Kuczyńska

Marlena helps users to go through the first steps with TimeCamp. She usually writes about time management and productivity.

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  1. Labor Time Tracker
    February 24, 2014 at 04:27

    Time management software’s are great to use. They help a lot to track employee and to pay according to their efforts and efficiency.

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