Podio&TimeCamp: Create Project and Track Time at Once

  • April 7, 2014
  • by Jakub Szyszka
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Years of working on time tracking and hours of talking with our clients enabled us to gain a considerable knowledge about their needs and expectations. We are aware that running many projects, working for different clients and billing them hourly requires reliable data about time spent on each case. Our aim is to provide them with the best solutions that’s why It’s more than a pleasure for us to announce the integration with one of the best project management tools – Podio.

From now on you can create and manage your “projects and track time for them at once”. No need to switch between cards and applications, you can do everything in one of them. The data will be registered in both. It is extremely important for the people like Ross who is a graphic designer in a creative agency and a leader of his team.

‘Creating a project and tracking time AT ONCE

Ross Wilkins

Ross Wilkins
Graphic Designer/ Head
Courtesy of Skogen / http://skogenreklame.no

Having many tasks they want to keep all their duties in one place so every member of the team is updated with any progress or changes made. Solution like Podio&TimeCamp eases the whole process, collaboration and communication between people. It enables to build your own tools to simplify and improve the work and get a clear data about the total amount of time spent on each task. Thanks to this you can better plan the actions and charge clients for the hours serviced.

podio timecamp integration graphics

Courtesy of Skogen / http://skogenreklame.no/

“After testing various ‘project management’ and ‘time tracking’ applications and websites, we finally settled on Podio and Timecamp. Our main priority was to be able to create project and track time at once, so TimeCamp’s integration with Podio worked perfectly for us. We simply create our Project, To-do or any other ‘App’ event in Podio, then synchronize that with Timecamp and start recording time, easy! The reporting in Timecamp is also a very powerful feature. We are able to generate reports for individual Projects or Tasks from Podio or even entire Workspaces (in our case clients). So getting an overview of time spent on items in Podio is really easy. – Ross Wilkins, Graphic Designer, Skogen”

How It Works?

To use the integration you need to get the app pack from Podio’s Market.

Then follow the steps in our tutorial:

Once you’ve followed all the steps in tutorial you’ll see that all your workspaces, projects and tasks defined in Podio are automatically synchronized with TimeCamp. You can pick the task and start tracking time for it in the app which is most convenient for you. The total time recorded for the specific assignment will be seen in both apps.

In Podio it is seen as an information written next to the name of the task. In TimeCamp you can additionally create powerful reports which provide an overall image of the time allocation and its usage by task and person.

We also highly recommend the Google Chrome plugin. This will enable you to track time directly in Podio. You can start a timer within the item chosen in Podio without the necessity to report it in TimeCamp.

We hope that you’ll find Podio&TimeCamp integration answer to your problems and that you’ll enjoy working on both this application to manage your projects. We believe this match will help to improve your teamwork and the financial flow.

Let us know your thoughts in a comment section below. We are here to answer all of your questions and want to know your feedback!

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