5 Time Tracking Tools That Will Light Fire of Your Project Management

  • May 29, 2014
  • by Jakub Szyszka
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Do you consider implementation of time tracking project management software in your company? Yes? That’s great! You have my blessing as I know it’s a rocket fuel for a productivity engine. I also know that choosing the right time tracking software can be a hell of a vertigo. That’s why I made an effort and emerged 5 tools worth mentioning. “Wait! Only 5?” Yes. It’s nothing new that among hundreds of products only a few are valuable, right?

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How did I make it? I walked in the role of a buyer and did exactly what buyers do. I looked through dozens of review pages and found the most popular and most – reviewed software for TEAMS (I deliberately omitted apps for freelancers) and gathered all pros and cons info in one place. Then I rewrote them to make them the most brief. Now you don’t need to go any further.

I also prepared a comparison table for you. If you want to read about pros, cons and pricing, just scroll on. Enjoy!

1. TimeCamp

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  • Easy to install and use.
  • Automatic! All you have to do is to define keywords related to tasks and projects.
  • Comfortable manual and graphical timesheets if you want to control your time yourself.
  • Life-facilitating integrations – connect TimeCamp to your favorite project management, accounting and payroll software.
  • Easy navigation – find important data very quickly.


  • It verbatim tracks every activity on your computer, so it may be found as a little bit of surveillance
  • No feature to track non-computer activities, like meetings, presentations, phone calls, etc


  • Basic / Solo : Free
  • Unlimited users : $9 per user/month
  • Free trial : 14 days

2. Harvest

harvest app screenshot


  • Entering expenses and uploading receipts with Android, IPhone, web and Twitter.
  • Incredibly fast invoicing.
  • Immediate, clear and extensive reports – see any detail of your project anytime you want
  • Automatic reminder of submitting timesheets – vastely useful during implementation of time tracking or for chronically distracted workers.
  • Integrations.


  • Complicated invoicing structure, a little bit confusing timestamp features.
  • Restrictive free plan.
  • Function of tracking leaves of absence not ready.


  • Basic / Solo : Free, Solo – $12 per user/month, Basic – $49 per user/month
  • Unlimited users : Business – $99/month
  • Free trial : 14 days

See the full comparison between TimeCamp and Harvest!

3. ClickTime

clicktime screenshot


  • Reliable reports and invoicing.
  • Splendid customer support – they response in the heartbeat.
  • Easy exporting and importing – transport data into your favourte format.
  • Clicktime requires no servers, no database or support staff, since it is an outsourced service.
  • Integration with accounting and payroll products.


  • A little bit disordered interface.
  • Not very easy to use – requires some time and willingness to learn it.
  • User needs to watch long and dull tutorials.
  • No feature to track additional activities like overtime, meetings, presentations.


  • Basic / Solo : Depends on plan
  • Unlimited users : Depends on plan and number of users
  • Free trial : 14 days

See the full comparison between TimeCamp and Clicktime

4. Rescue Time

rescue time screenshot


  • Tracks offline activities.
  • Works automatically, user don’t need to fill timesheets.
  • You can choose what it has to track – sites and apps, or all computer activities.
  • Quick installation, easy to operate.
  • Great customization options.


  • Not friendly reporting interface.
  • Limited privacy.
  • It doesn’t allow to export data to offline single files.
  • Data available only in the Web app.


  • Basic / Solo : Plan Lite – free
  • Unlimited users : Plan Premium – $9 per user/month or $72 per user/year
  • Free trial : 14 days

See the full comparison between TimeCamp and RescueTime

5. Replicon

replicon screenshot


  • Expense processing and management – submit expanses reports, track and compare expanses of projects and clients.
  • Real – time reporting.
  • Integrations with project and financial management software.


  • Web timesheet is not all-in-one, it’s divided into two editions.
  • Software does not support languages other than English.
  • Interface can be not so easy without some training.


  • Basic / Solo : Depends on plan
  • Unlimited users: Depends on plan
  • Free trial: 14 days

See the full comparison between TimeCamp and Replicon

How do you manage your productivity problems? Do you use time tracking software or maybe you keep up to date working with some other methods? Let us know your thoughts!

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