TimeCamp maintenance from 17th Oct to 19th Oct

  • October 15, 2014
  • by Kamil Rudnicki
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TimeCamp evolves very dynamically and unfortunately this means that some database structures are not as efficient currently as they could be. This is the case with user activities. Their role is significantly different now than it was a few years ago. And it will evolve even more with our new timesheets.

However, before any future changes we need to improve user activities. This will let us improve the performance and usability of our timesheets. What is more we are already planning how to put the new structure (or to be more accurate – new column) to use. And it is something we are planning for a long time. This will involve multiple steps, but the most important one is an alteration of database structure.

But putting unnecessary technical details aside – what does it mean for our users? For now almost nothing except for possible short downtime. As you could have already read between the lines the change will apply only to user activities. If you don’t use desktop app and/or offline activities, then we won’t even touch your data. If you do have desktop app, then your data may have a few days delay before reaching our server in the upcoming weekend. Of course, all the data will be backed up first.

Why will it take so long? While change is quite trivial and simple it must be applied to a large amount of records. And by large amount I mean over billion. All of those have to be modified before we could move on.

Kamil Rudnicki

Kamil is CEO and co-founder of TimeCamp. He helps customers succeed.

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