10 Time Management and Leadership Websites Worth Reading

  • November 24, 2015
  • by Marlena Kuczyńska


Personal development is an area that many of us are very interested in, although it’s also an area we are bad at doing for ourselves. Time management and leadership seem to be two things that trip up a lot of people when they are focusing on self improvement.

Consult these websites if you find that you need a little help:

  1. Personal Time Management Guide

This guide has just about everything you would need to search for to learn better time management skills. There are articles about many different areas surround your daily time, how to use it well, prioritizing, and what happens if you don’t manage your time well enough.


Here on this Kent University page you can take a quiz that will ask you questions about how well you manage your time. Once you’ve taken the quiz, you can then learn how to improve your score by managing your time better. It’s great to get a perspective on how well you’re doing to know where you need improvement and in what areas you’re doing okay.

  1. My Time Management

Kell Tremayne is an expert on all things time management. On his blog he offers insight about how to practice each area of time management to become a better leader and worker.

  1. A Beginner’s Guide to Time-Management

Need a new perspective on time and how to manage your life better? Check out this interesting and unique take on what time management actually is and how to learn to improve your skills at managing your time. Myrko Thum is the author of this blog.


  1. A Reference Guide to Time Management Skills

This handy guide gives detailed answers to all the questions you may have about time management. You can refer back to it whenever you need to know anything about time management skill s and strategies.

  1. Michael Hyatt Blog

Michael Hyatt is a professional at leadership training and all the skills that are needed to be a good leader. His website can act as inspiration to you and can teach you about how to improve your life by improving yourself. Here you can find your “online mentor” of sorts.

  1. Anthony Robbins Blog

Anthony Robbins writes about his experiences with all things strategy, leadership, and time management related. There are a lot of useful articles and videos on this blog to help you learn how to improve your life.

  1. Did I Get Things Done?

Did I Get Things Done is a blog started in 2007 that was inspired by a book written by David Allen. The author of this blog has his own methodology for helping to inspire you to get things done and keep your productivity in check.

  1. Steven Aitchison – Change your thoughts

Steven Aitchison is the author of this blog that talks all about personal development, including the development of time management and leadership skills. There is a lot of diversity of topics on this website, making it great for anyone looking to better themselves.

These resources are available to help you get a head start on self improvement. While the only changes that can really stick have to come from you, there’s no shame in looking for helpful ways to begin, strategies about how to accomplish the change, and assistance in reaching your goals.

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Marlena Kuczyńska

Marlena helps users to go through the first steps with TimeCamp. She usually writes about time management and productivity.


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