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Check Out These New TimeCamp Improvements!

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We would like to take a moment of your time with this short Product Update post, as there were some improvements added to TimeCamp, our Time Tracking Software, and we are feeling obliged to inform you about them! We also prepared tutorial videos that explain in detail how each new upgrade to TimeCamp works. You will find them below every description. So, without beating around the bush, here they are:

Public Project

Users can use Public Project to share (or, in other words, make it public) the tracked time which was devoted to a specific project. This feature generates a special link that can be sent to anyone in order to show the tracked amount of time.

If you want to enable it, go to projects, find the one you want, and click on the Public Project option. It will generate the link that you will be able to save. Link can be copied at any time.

Time Rounding

With Time Rounding feature you can round off the time tracked in reports. Depending on what value we want to round, it rounds off tracked minutes to full 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15, 30, or 1 hour. Check the examples in the video:

To turn on and set the rounding you want, you have to go to setting>add-ons>time tracking and choose the option you want in the Report Time Rounding. 


Track time only to a certain level of tasks

Tasks may have their subtopics (an infinite quantity of them!) The first level is a project, then there are tasks. If the projects are huge and have a lot of subtasks you can block (globally) the depth to which time can not be counted.
Take a look at the video below: we have a project consisting of four levels and we do not want the time to be tracked to levels one and two, we are interested only in levels four and three. To set this, go to Settings->Add-ons->time tracking and select the option Do not allow tracking time to tasks which level is equal or lower than and then select a level that is supposed to mark the line to which you do not want to track time.  The example is 1) task-> 2) subtask 1-> 3) subtask 2-> 4) subtask 3. We have marked value

In the example we have 1) task-> 2) subtask 1-> 3) subtask 2-> 4) subtask 3. We have marked value no. 2, so everything up to number 1 (including it) won’t be tracked. Any other task in the project will be tracked normally.


There are two reminders. One is responsible for notifying that you are not tracking time, the other will tell you that you are tracking for too long.

Not tracking: You set the number of minutes after which you are going to receive a message informing that you are not tracking time, then you allow the application to display notifications, and from that moment on you are receiving a notifications from your browser every few minutes.

Tracking for too long: You set the number of hours after which you will receive the message that you are tracking for too long. Again, allow the application to display notifications, and from that point, a message is going to appear in your the browser whenever you pass the set time. (Notice that in the video we had to set 0.01h, as the lowest possible value is 1h)

Summing Up

Those are the TimeCamp’s newest improvements. We hope you will find them helpful and useful. You can follow the latest updates at our website in the Product Update section, check it out! Oh, and if by any chance you are not using TimeCamp yet, maybe it’s time to change it? 😉 You can try it for free here.

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