HeySpace is a Monday alternative that will improve the communication in your team and make task management easier than it has ever been!




Regardless of the size of your business, you are certainly aware of the benefits of efficient task management. It can not only boost the productivity of your team, but also work wonders for their job satisfaction. The more well-organized they get, the less frustrated they are with missed deadlines and a growing backlog. Good task management software can help them get control over their workload and make sure everything goes according to the plan.

Kanban boards, offered by both tools, are particularly useful for effective workflow management. They give you a clear overview of the whole team’s work, thereby helping to see the bigger picture of every project. But is that all you need for smooth collaboration? No, it’s not!


What’s the same:

✓ A task management function

✓ Kanban view

✓ An unlimited number of spaces / boards

✓ iCal Integration

✓ Google Drive integration

✓ Apps availability (desktop & mobile)


What’s different:

✓ A communication feature

✓ The price


Why switch from Monday to HeySpace?


Apart from the task management function based on Kanban, which you get in both apps, HeySpace offers an extremely intuitive communication platform. And that’s the element which makes the collaboration in your team far more effective. You no longer have to rely on external tools to complement your task management tool, or go through endless email threads to communicate with your team. This feature will save your time and spare lots of frustrations!



What makes HeySpace a great Monday alternative?


A communication platform

In HeySpace, each space has a separate chat, which helps to make sure that people who are involved in a given project can all contribute to discussions on important matters or just follow whatever needs their attention. Apart from that, team members can engage in private or group conversations as well. What’s particularly useful – messages can be converted to tasks with just one click. But that’s not over! Each task card also has a dedicated chat, where those involved can discuss related matters and share updates. Thanks to that, you can be sure nothing important gets lost in group conversations. The communication platform perfectly complements HeySpace’s task management function.


The price

First of all, HeySpace offers a free basic plan, which is perfectly suitable for small teams or projects. With the free plan, you can add up to 10 members and still benefit from unlimited spaces and chats. The full range of features offered by HeySpace is available in the premium plan which comes to as little as $5 user / month.

In the case of Monday, there is no free plan and the basic one, available for up to 5 users comes to $25 per month. You can also subscribe for a standard, pro and enterprise plans which differ in the available features, the number of users and, most significantly, the price.



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