TimeCamp Desktop Tracker


Here are some options for amazing TimeCamp Desktop Time Tracker!

With a small widget on your dashboard, you can see the project you are working on. You can easily change project in one click or pause time. You can always hide or move the widget wherever you want it to be.

This widget will blink every 30 minutes to remind you about active projects that are being tracked. It will help you focus on work.

Keywords Tracing
The Keyword Tracer feature makes our time tracking software very unique. It helps you focus on work. It will make that your time will be tracked automatically. TimeCamp captures time and assign it to task by tracking the keywords on applications, sites, documents you are actively working on. And if it will find that you are working on a different project then you are tracking time right now, it will change it automatically and will tell you about this by blinking widget. If you will define keywords for the project or tasks properly it is even possible that about 95% of your working time will be automatically tracked to projects!

Working Off-line
The application gives you the possibility to track time when you don’t have connection to the Internet. Tracker gathers data in a local database, and when it finds Internet connection will upload data to TimeCamp.

Idle Detection
This feature allows you to track time more accurately. When we detect idle time, when you leave your desk, our application will show you how many minutes you were idle, and ask if that time was project related or not. It is only a one click feature, so don’t worry about being disturbed. You can even change the minimum idle time that this popup window shows.

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