How we manage feature requests, ideas in Trello and track time


Trello is such an universal tool that we started to manage feature requests, feature ideas, prioritization, usability problems with it.

We created a new board named Ideas and this is the central place where all the feedback from users goes.

By reading this excellent article “How to build great products” we created three lists: features, showstopper features and distraction features.

It is truly a great categorization of features. After this exercise I am sure where I should put each feature.

However, not every feature is good to place in those three buckets. That is why we created another lists: usability improvements, onboarding experience and robust software.

2 thoughts on “How we manage feature requests, ideas in Trello and track time

  1. Hi Kamil, nice write up. We also started off managing feature requests with Trello because it’s so flexible. Worked really nicely and the colour tags were a bit help too.

    As we grew though, we found there were a few main problems with Trello – it wasn’t easy to prioritize on behalf of our customers & teams, it was difficult to communicate updates back to customers who cared about a particular feature, we couldn’t see which customers had requested things and basically, the whole process became very time consuming.

    We build & use Receptive for this now but I’d be interested to learn if you have needed to scale this process yet & if it was possible within Trello.

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