2 Steps to Measure Employee’s Engagement: Trello and TimeCamp Integration



The more you know about your team, the better chief you are. You look for the new data to improve your firm all the time. But, for real, the only things you can substantially measure inside your team are effects. You know the work was done, but do you know who did more or who did less? Can the engagement be measured? Well, it even should be!

Hidden Chaos

If you get ten errands at the same time and each of those errands consists of ten smaller tasks, it’s pretty obvious that suddenly you have 100 tasks to distribute among your employees. Taking into account that you hire both specialist and multi-workers, ones will not work as much as the others. From the outside, it will look like everything is ok – people do their job, what’s the problem? In fact you don’t really know each employee’s involvement. And that’s the information you actually need to get, to know your company better.

Art of Control

You want to be fair to your people .You like to think of yourself more as of Salomon than of Ivan the Terrible. That’s why you are supposed to know every detail of time and tasks management in your team, to find out:

• who works the most and deserves a recognition (praise, extra money, promotion)
• who works less and needs to be motivated more
• how to distribute tasks to achieve the highest efficiency
• how to manage time and funds in next projects

It’s the straightest way to improve your team’s activity and become a beloved boss.

Step One: Organize Tasks with Trello

Trello is a child’s play service to define tasks and assign them to users. Thanks to Trello you can divide a big task into smaller ones and pinpoint who is responsible for which part. You can move tasks between “ideas”, “to do”, “doing” and “done” columns. Trello determines a bigger order in your work, makes that everyone, including you, know what they are supposed to work on.

Step Two: Time Control – Trello and TimeCamp Integration

TimeCamp is a simple and useful time tracking software. Its integration with Trello is a perfect solution for your time and task management. Trello gives you a knowledge of who exactly works on which part of the task. And TimeCamp automatically registers how much time is being spent on each part of it.

That’s all, that’s everything you need to get a complete knowledge of your workers’ engagement in their job. With this knowledge you totally control your business – it’s an attribute, which in fact a few firms can boast.

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