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timesheet_approvalIt’s there.

Our goal has always been to make time tracking effortless and reliable. Timesheet Approval new module is a new chapter in making it so. It’s the best way to get meaningful and trustworthy data from your timesheet.

If you have TimeCamp account with more than two people in it, you can benefit from this new great feature.

We are using this feature for two weeks and it’s great. It helps me as a CEO make sure that our entire 11 person company (including me) is tracking time correctly. We are using daily approvals, and it takes about 5 minutes to Approve all the timesheets. Also automatic email reminder is helping me automate nagging people that forgot to submit their timesheet for approval. Comments help me quickly communicate why I rejected a timesheet.

Hope you will enjoy this new great feature. You can enable it by going to Settings in your TimeCamp account.

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