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Introducing Timecamp Tasks


You are free to try out our new project TimeCamp Tasks. Stay on top of your work and projects. Organize your work. Collaborate with your co-workers. delegate tasks with due dates, organize projects and tasks lists with sections, integrate with your existing TimeCamp to track time seamlessly, get notifications, e.g.: notification when someone completes a task you delegated, and much more. Try out Timecamp Tasks now > * You have to create new account in TimeCamp Tasks. And this is just the beginning. In beta, you can use TimeCamp Tasks for free without limits with any number of co-workers or projects. Every month we will add new features.


Work Monitoring On The Computer: How To Do It Good


Depending on the industry in which you are operating, and what goal you want to achieve by tracking time, you will need different tools. When it comes to the hospitality, catering or production sector, the employee’s entry and exit recorders are enough. However, when your employees work in 100% on computers, and you would like to know what happens between turning them on and off, you will probably need a completely different solution. When it is the case, it is advisable to invest in an application to monitor working time on a computer.


Statement: Service Outage


Dear TimeCamp users, On April 26th, 2017, we experienced a major service outage. This incident caused TimeCamp service to be unavailable for 2 hours yesterday. To provide quickest possible access to our services, we needed to go back to the state from the day before. Therefore you might be experiencing some data loss. Users and task added between 12:00 PM Tuesday and 3:00 PM Wednesday (UTC) might not be available to you, as well as the time you have tracked. While service is up and running and ready to use now, we’re working to bring data from mentioned timeframe back. In upcoming days you’ll receive an email from us, showing data available to be restored. You’ll be able to confirm the restoration by clicking on a link in that email. […]


Four rules to manage your time like Steve Jobs


This post is dedicated to all the people that have more things to do, more projects to make than time to make them. And for all the people that feels overwhelmed by number of things to make, or feels un-effective, or unbalanced. As their time is so valuable, they often get distracted a lot by others – this helps them reclaim some of that because other’s know anything they ask of a colleague is tracked. This is very personal for me as a CEO of TimeCamp. I was making notes for 4 years about time management and and it seems that when I clean them up it nicely compiles to those main four simple rules! Take your time to do right things “In your life you only get to do […]


10 Effective Time Management Tips for IT Professionals


The most important step to ensure success for any IT professional is to have good time management. This does not always mean personal skills as there is time management software that can aid time tracking for you and therefore allowing you to concentrate on productivity. When time management software is combined with time management skills, you can ensure you have the right recipe for success and are able to expand productivity on any project you have. TIME MANAGEMENT TIPS Time management skills may be the most obvious choice when it comes to time management but is something that cannot be overlooked. Time management skills that will help increase your productivity include: Delegating tasks to other people Keeping to do lists Keeping track of money as it comes in and out […]


The Perfect Uniform To Increase Productivity


What you wear says a lot about the type of person you are, the pride you take in yourself and the company you work for when working outside of the home. Most freelancers work from home so don’t really think about the clothing they wear, however their uniform can make a big difference to their productivity. Why you shouldn’t wear your pyjama’s to work When first working from home it’s easy to slip into the ‘why do I have to get dressed? No one is going to see me’ routine. It’s easy to see why this seems like a viable option and means you don’t have to spend hours getting ready to impress work colleagues and look smart for clients, however the mindset of wearing the same clothing you go […]


What Is Productivity And How To Measure It With Time Tracking


Productivity is traditionally measured by the ratio between inputs and outputs that advises efficiency. In a digital world there are many distractions and the work day can go off on an unwanted tangent. The modern world uses time tracking software to check the input you are placing in your workday and what outcomes you have been able to come up with. Time management software is particularly helpful for people who work from home, do freelancing jobs or for those who work remotely. It allows you to work constructively so that you can track your work day and find out where it is that you have been slacking. The software keeps a track of computer activities and makes a presentation with charts. It allows you to see where you can improve […]

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