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The VUCA Method Is The Reality Of War In Today’s Business


What Is VUCA Method? Initially, the term VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) was used to describe the militarized reality of war, but for the past several years, it has been used in the business world as well. Joanna Kucharczyk-Capiga, the founder of Business Coaching Diploma, explains the application of VUCA concepts in the description of today’s reality: Volatility – it is increasingly difficult for us to predict the future of business because the pace of changes is extremely fast; Uncertainty – people’s sense of security is based on stability and predictability, and businesses are not sure what tomorrow will bring. The modern economic history knows examples of companies that declared bankruptcy overnight as a result of changes in the market. Companies need to be highly flexible. It is enough to […]


The Approach To Work In The Future – What Can We Expect?


At present, we are undergoing one of the greatest revolutions of working processes in the company and the approach to an employee. According to Oxford scientists, more than half of today’s occupations will disappear in the next two decades. The concept of work and the process of company and employee development often deviate from the vision instilled in minds of our parents and grandparents. Grandchildren are usually unable to explain to their grandparents what their work is all about. The problem is not only new technologies but also the approach to the development of the company and its employees. In this article, we will try to describe the main changes that have taken place in this area over the years. Improve processes and not just grow In today’s business world,  […]


We Doubled Our Revenues, And We Have 140.000 Users. TimeCamp’s Summary Of 2017


Through 2017, we have been working on a new version of the software, which we called TimeCamp 3.0. The work is almost done, and at the beginning of 2018, we hope to offer our customers the enhanced version of our product, enriched with project and task management support. That means a completely new market for us. You are now reading the next text summarizing the passing year. We asked members of the Polish start-ups to tell us what they achieved in 2017. If you want to read other articles on this topic, please click here. In the photo: Paweł Kijko, the Chief Marketing Officer at TimeCamp Creating a new version of TC is, in fact, the biggest challenge we faced in 2017. But that is not all, of course. We […]




Introduction Project management, which deals with various aspects of projects, such as techniques, and tools used to plan, control, monitor, and review such enterprises, is a crucial part of the business world. If a company wishes to be thriving, facilitate productivity of its employees, or increase profits, it needs to take certain measures. One of the most effective methods to achieve success in that matter is to invest in some professional software, for instance, TimeCamp or Podio. However, people can provide an invaluable help. Individuals, who in power to infuse one with new ideas and solutions to problems, advise how to handle their competition, and enhance the results. The list of such inspiring personages is long. The following list consists of the top influencers according to TimeCamp: 1. Kris Dunn Known as […]


Why Employees Don’t Want To Work And Leave The Company?


If you were curious enough to analyze all reasons for quitting a job, you would discover that very few of them result directly from heavy workloads. According to Brigette Hyancinth, the real and major reasons for the lack of loyalty in the corporation are: inflexible working time, coffee/meal breaks, holidays, limited time spent with the family or time spent on education; infringement of the rules relating to private time for employees – requests for, or even orders, to work after hours, telephones on weekends or holidays, etc.; company’s lack of interest in the personal development of employees; treating people through the prism of their results and numbers; managers blaming employees for their own failures and not defending them when a need arises; the loss of confidence in the work of […]


Let’s Take A Day Off


  As TimeCamp we are able to answer the question of how much we work. Measuring working time and, above all, the quality of the work is a major feature of our software. By learning about the culture of our customers’ work we make surprising conclusions. Although every entrepreneur wants their employees to work as efficiently as possible, this is not always correlated with working time. A Technological Problem On the other hand, we have a technological problem. The line between private life and work is becoming thinner and thinner. The mobile Internet and electronic devices enabling remote communication make us be at beck and call of the employer or customers who expect us to be available 24 hours a day. And we often agree to this. We Have Only […]


The Essence of Employee Motivation


Today’s management methods in companies are created mainly by senior management, with the appropriate seniority taking up managerial positions. Meanwhile, introducing new technologies and innovative methods requires some freshness, which features the young staff. Unfortunately, it usually holds lower positions, which hampers the appearance of new initiatives. And as soon as higher managerial positions are reached, one is already part of the older staff. The Paradox Of Today’s Managers The most common approach used by management in its working relations with subordinates seems to be the carrot and stick method. Most managers base their attempts to motivate people on fear, uncertainty, and punishment, keeping them afraid of their position, and then organizing meetings in a pub. The Mistrust Of Entrepreneurs And Employees Sometimes it is our mentality that makes us […]


What Benefits Does The Program To Monitor Work At The Computer Bring?


We spend most of our time trying to make the most of it, complaining that we have too little of it. Nowadays, the measurement of time spent on activities has become an important part of our lives and managers compete with each other in using specialized tools such as computer monitoring applications. Since 1880, working time monitoring has evolved into what can be called the working time culture. Entrepreneurs and HR must take into account the applicable labor regulations, using an adequate number of breaks and free time available to the employee. That is why a need for precise measurement of working hours has arisen. The former mechanism, a book of presence in the company, has been replaced by work registration systems. Monitoring computer work time has become a useful mechanism […]