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Slow Management – What Is It?


  In today’s world, especially in the world of work, employees must continuously implement tasks they have been entrusted with. Measuring their effectiveness while doing this, managers take into account the following: how quickly staff fulfills the tasks assigned to them; how quickly and effectively teams perform projects the assigned to them; whether the timing of their implementation affects their quality. Install TimeCamp to calculate the time spent on each project to the second. The idea of slow management is based on the assumption that an employee has as much time as necessary for carrying out their duties. Slow Management  – What is it? As it is known, doing something faster does not mean it will be done better. In the constant pursuit of deadlines, tasks performed by employees can […]


Employer – Care For The Employees And They Will Take Care Of You


The labor market in Western Europe and other developed countries has been undergoing dynamic changes in recent years. There is a belief that half of the occupations which will be available in 50 years’ time is not yet defined. More widespread than demographic one, early retirement means that in many areas we deal with the labor market rather than the employer. Taking care of your employees today is beneficiary not only for them but also for you and your company. 


Speak Up, or Communication as The Key To Success


The basis of every fruitful relationship is communication. Its lack provokes more or less severe conflicts.  Arguments, in turn, mean problems, particularly troublesome when they occur among people of one’s company. Tasks are not implemented on time, unfinished projects pile up, and customers are angry. To avoid such hindrances and make one’s company bloom, it is necessary to facilitate communication. Examples of methods how to do so can be multiplied ad infinitum, but we decided to choose three of them. No.1 The Abandonment Of The Traditional “Communication Chain” According to Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla and SpaceX, the key principle enabling people to work efficiently on projects is the abandonment of the traditional “communication chain” of a company’s hierarchy. According to it each piece of information is to pass […]


TimeCamp FAQ


The use of task and time management software may cause problems. After all, we are not omniscient beings. To meet the needs and expectations of our users, we decided to collect frequently asked questions and answer them here: What is TimeCamp? TimeCamp is a  program that aims at improving its users’ time management. The tool provides employees and managers with information on how much time they spent during the day on activities, projects, or processes, such as communication, work on documents, meetings, phone calls, the Internet browsing. Intuitive reports allow people to learn quickly about how they used time. As a result, the implementation of the solution gives its users the possibility to increase their own efficiency. They can also focus on the most important issues, and more accurately account […]


5 Instincts Of A Product Manager


The highest objective of every product manager is to manage a product that will concur the market in the future. For that to happen, the product not only has to reach the right user and fully meet their expectations but also be well managed. The only person able to achieve this goal is one that has appropriate instincts, i. e. features and skills that will allow them to make the right decisions about the direction of product development over a given period of time. To some of the most fundamental instincts of a product manager belongs:  1. Understanding Of The Market Every success-oriented product manager should know what the market and competition looks like, know the market trends and feel the user’s needs. This will allow them to discover new […]


The Clockwork Employee, Or How To Improve Time Management At Work?


The world of business is harsh and kills the inept. It demands two things from the success-oriented: availability and efficiency, especially when it comes to employees. Because, let’s face the truth – the driving force of business prosperity are not business owners but the workforce. However, much as both factors are crucial to a company’s well-being, they are difficult to maintain for a long time. Distractions tend to mushroom ad infinitum, starting from endless phone calls to checking emails. What is the solution to this pressing problem? It is the improvement of time management. How To Improve Time Management At Work? How to save time at work. Methods vary. They may relate to, for example, the automation of one’s work, taking advantage of technological solutions, but often also changing habits […]


Three Methods That Will Allow Every Project Manager To Keep Their Mind Fresh Until The Last Day At Work


The business world is a minefield. Every wrong move may cost one life (a career? salary? position?). It is particularly necessary to be careful when one gets older and their cognitive capabilities may decrease. Some hope is in that there are people whose minds remain fresh until the latest years of life. At the age of 70 or 80, they are as intellectually fit as well as 20-year-olds. It cheers one up, doesn’t it? Particularly encouraging is the fact that this is believed not to be a matter of chance or genes but on our life choices. One of the articles on Inc. presents the results of a study conducted by scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital. It shows that some people are able to keep the mind acute to death itself. […]