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Paweł is CMO of TimeCamp and SEO specialist. He is responsible for success of company's marketing strategy.

TimeCamp Team: Star Wars Addiction, Facts And Company Culture!


One of company’s success factors is solid team full of superb and fresh ideas. However all the members are different – their characters, opinions and point of view – they have to know how to compromise and work together effectively.  The right communication is also important,  because every single misunderstanding causes then lots of problems, easy to avoid if people can talk with each other.  TimeCamp Team Members know how to succeed! TimeCamp was founded in 2009. We started as one person company plus seed capital investor. Today we have 16 people working hard to make TimeCamp better. We help professional B2B service companies bill their clients, manage profitability of projects, earn more, manage employees attendance and save time doing this (with their current workflow). We also help successfully implement […]


It’s Time To… The Power Of Meme!


The Internet is full of various types of content, so sometimes it’s really hard to attract people’s attention. The huge piece of text is almost incomprehensible for the ordinary person, because we don’t like reading these times. Our minds are more adapted to see the pictures – that’s why an image provided with a sentence or two looks better than enormous explanation of particular problem.  The Power Of Meme! What is an Internet Meme?   A piece of content which spreads from person to person via the currently existed communication technologies in the Internet. This type of information is replicating through the Internet only and as pictures, videos, sentences or just a single word, but regardless of its shape it has to be popular online. Quote from In view of […]


Project Management Tools: How To Choose The Best One?


To most of us project manager’s work seems familiar with task management, sometimes with people management as well. It’s about using the resources optimally to achieve all the goals. Project managers are still looking for their own solutions and methods to make the management yet easier and there are lots of useful tools on the IT market, created by programmers, graphic designers and editors working together. There was a long discussion among our employees about best project management tools. We couldn’t choose the only one, so we decided to ask Twitter users about their favourite kind of software. That’s why #TimeCampTalk action has been started! Project Management Tools: Let People Talk! That’s the question we have asked people connected with project management: #TimeCampTalk Starts Now! Choose one #projectmanagement method – which one […]


Time At Work: How To Separate Private Time From Worktime Spent In Social Media?


Facebook is doing all its best to monetize your online time, eg. when you watch videos, use Messenger or browse other things. In today’s world (especially in the West) Facebook plays completely new part and its directorship admits: You spend all your worktime on Facebook. A new option they have invented recently, called “Facebook at Work”, is linked with a phenomenon that companies more and more often lean to support their customers through social media – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn mostly. It is confirmed by Susan Solovic, SBE Council Media Director. She points that 71%  people working in small businesses admit that recession made them better marketers and Social Media Specialists, because Social Media Customer Service was one of the most popular trends in 2015, especially in the event of […]


The Mathematics of Google Trust Rank – Our CMO’s SEO Predictions


Recently, Google has announced that they work on “artificial intelligence” with its own algorithm. This algorithm is the second most important as far as ranking factors are concerned. While many positioners have been occupied with the questions of the essence of the mechanism, I asked myself: “Okay, but what the first ranking factor is?”

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