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“Why Should You Hire Me?” – Find The Best Answer


Why Should The Company Hire Me? Higher earnings are what often motivates people to start their university education. However, getting a degree may be challenging to some. But let’s leave them be because the lucky ones are the center of our interest. Those who are to enter the labor market and participate in job interviews. A job interview – these two words make the majority of us tremble. And as far as facing the potential boss or answering the question concerning the expected salary may not make you dizzy or give you a headache, the question of why the company should hire you can intensify the beat of the heart or even suffocation. WHY? Sumit Chaudhary in his interview published on Quora gives two answers to the future employers from […]


Case Study: A way in which TimeCamp has turned out to be better than Toggl!


Entrepreneurs looking for programs to monitor working time find many solutions in the market and it often takes time to pick one which would meet all one’s requirements. Today, we are talking to Lukasz Pach about the application of working time monitoring in one’s company. Paweł Kijko: Thank you for agreeing to this interview. Let us start from the beginning. How did you find yourself on TimeCamp? Lukasz Pach: We were looking for some tools to monitor working time. At first, we used Toogl, but we needed something more advanced. And that is how we discovered TimeCamp. PK: Something more advanced, namely? LP: We wanted to monitor employees’ behavior automatically and be able to categorize it into productive and unproductive computer activities, which would allow us to monitor employee activity […]


Why Automatic Time Tracking Is A Better Choice?


We’re always pleased when one of our customers want to share the experience of utilizing TimeCamp at their company! Today we’re publishing an interview with Sławomir Jamrozik, the owner of accounting office who has used our software for more than two years. Customer Success Story Why Automatic Time Tracking Is A Better Choice? Paweł Kijko, CMO at TimeCamp: How did you find TimeCamp? Sławomir Jamrozik, We needed a solution which would allow us to track time spent at work. Before TimeCamp, the overview was based on estimates only, using a more traditional form of tracking time spent on working with specific clients. We just need something more reliable. P.K.: How do you utilize TimeCamp? S.J.: First of all, we use automatic time tracking more often than the manual […]