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100 Best Tools for Marketing Industry


mic What Are The Best 100 Tools for Marketing Industry? Today, marketing industry offers a wide range of tools essential in work of every marketer. It’s quite difficult to choose the finest from such an abundant offer. To make it easier, today we’re introducing 100 best tools for the marketing industry, taking into account different categories and areas of use. Project Management and Team Communication 1. Trello Trello is a software which allows you to set the tasks for you and your entire team. You can share them with your friends or keep them for yourself. Trello has a friendly interface and is easy to use. Check out TimeCamp integration for Trello 2. Asana Asana is one of the most popular platforms for communication in project management. Thanks to Asana […]


5 Golden Rules Every Marketer Needs To Know!


Online marketing has its ups and downs. It can be a great source of income if we are good at it and follow the changes on the market. It provides many opportunities for development – there are millions of companies on the web; there’s bound to be some that will be interested in our services. As we work, we constantly learn new things, broadening our knowledge and experience. Thus, our value on the labor market rises. On the other hand, following all the slight changes that appear in the business, or learning about the best methods and techniques to communicate with our clients – it is not an easy task. The world of digital marketing changes like a chameleon. There are hundreds of variables one must consider every single time he […]


Best Sources To Search For Freelancers!


Find The Right Person For Every Job! The area of internet blogging and marketing is drastically expanding each and every year. Companies are looking for competent writers that would promote their products and services through various articles and posts. However, more and more content creators start to believe in themselves and in the power of the market. In result, they begin their very own freelancing careers. That’s right. If you are a manager or a company’s CEO and you are looking for new ways to promote your business, you can always try and hire a person that would manage the company’s blog and keep an eye on the social media. But you may soon find out that it’s not all that easy to find a reliable marketer that would write […]


These Free Online Certificates Will Complement Your CV Well!


Today we prepared something special for you. TimeCamp is also an employer, and we have a chance to browse through a lot of resumes every month. It is not a surprise that those people, who have documented a lot of experience in their CVs are more likely to make a better impression on the potential employer, and in result get the job. Most recruiters agree that additional certificates may be the bargaining chip when it comes to the final decision who should get the position in a company. Even if they don’t necessarily concern the kind of work a candidate wants to apply for, they are a proof that the potential employee is ready to go the extra mile, and constantly broadens his or her knowledge. However, what we have […]


Tips And Tools to Develop a Successful Marketing Strategy!


Marketing communication is a particular kind of information flow between the sender and the recipient. We can understand it as an “action during which a company delivers to different groups of recipient’s information about itself and its market offer.” It has a strong character, and its desired effect is, in fact, to draw certain attitudes from people to whom the message is directed. In contrast to promoting, it is a two-way process. What helps marketers building a successful marketing strategy? A huge advantage for the marketers is the fact that the Internet is a medium for enforcement reception – requiring the full commitment of the recipient (as opposed to radio or television, because messages from these sources can be received in the course of performing other activities). Marketers can monitor […]


How To Become a Better Product Manager?


We are writing so much about project managements while not paying much attention to those, who have to make sure, that the project developed by a company gets the customers’ attention. That’s right – product managers! Thus today we will focus on this particular group of people. If you are one of them, you may find our tips helpful. Especially, if you feel like you are missing something! Product managers are usually very open and talkative – after all, they have to convince the potential customer to buy the product they are advertising. But it doesn’t mean that a more calm, distanced person won’t make a career in this business. We shall provide ideas that will not only help those, who are already product managers, but also those, who want […]


How To Manage Your Business?


Remember our yesterday’s post? Well, of course, you remember, it was yesterday! 😀 We were discussing the first steps one should take, to start his or her own company. We sincerely hope that our short guide will be helpful to anyone who decides to take these steps and enter the gigantic world of business. And for everyone who does, we have prepared another short guide, this time concerning bigger steps that one should take after setting up his or her own company. Now that the gears started turning let’s make sure that they won’t stop until we are really something on the market 😉 Now I’m my own boss. What’s next? You tell the world about it. Is your website ready to go? If not, make sure that someone is working on […]


How To Improve Your Business Writing And Captivate Your Audience?


Good business writing skills are more important than ever. With so much of your communication being done through the written word, your writing needs to be perfect if you want to succeed. Are you not quite sure about your own writing? Then you can improve. Here’s some easy to follow tips that will get you writing like a pro in no time. How To Improve Your Business Writing And Captivate Your Audience? Start with attention grabbing headlines Everyone these days is busy. Their inboxes are overflowing and their phones are always ringing. It feels as though it’s impossible to grab their attention. In fact, it’s much easier than you think. You just need a good, attention grabbing headline. The key to a good headline is to give the reader something […]