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The Modern Approach To Labor Costs


  Personnel costs (often limited to wages) can be defined as human labor input necessary to manufacture a product or deliver a service in a given enterprise. Planned personnel costs are created by multiplying the amount of working time by rates of pay. In addition to labor expenditures directly related to the production of particular goods or delivering services, personnel costs also include labor expenditures on so-called “indirect personnel costs.” They consist of funds for rewards for employees, protection of and meeting the social needs of employees. The increase in labor productivity, mainly due to technical progress, leads to a reduction in the workload per unit of product. Improvements in productivity can be compensated by raises for employees. In the result, personnel costs will remain stable. In short, an employer […]


Why Do Start-Ups Fail?


According to CB Insights, 70 percent of all start-ups go out of business during the first 20 months of operations, not to mention companies which, although they do exist, are struggling to survive. Another survey shows that hardware companies that have raised funds through crowdfunding services have gone bankrupt in as much as 97%. To find out the cause of this phenomena, CB insights analyzed 101 cases, basing their research on key reasons given by the companies themselves: 42% of the surveyed said that their product did not meet the expected market demand, 29% of companies simply run out of money, 23% believed that they had mismatched team members, 19% did not stand up to competitive pressure, 18% wrongly calculated the price, comparing it with costs, 17% admitted that the […]


How To Hire And Work With Millennials


Currently looking for a job young people are the representatives of, so called, millennials. This is what children born in the mid-1990s to early 2000s are referred to. This generation is well-accustomed with technology and the latest trends. And for the entrepreneurs who want to develop their business based on the young employees, it is quite a large achievement to find a proper person with whom the cooperation in the future will be lucrative. How To Manage Millennials? Millennials are demanding, young people, paying particular attention to self-development and growth. For this reason, managing such people may be demanding. And that’s why you need to know how to manage millennials in the right way. TimeCamp presents five effective and tested ways. 1. Take care of your digital image If you don’t exist on […]


How To Unleash The Creativity Of An Employee?


Every manager can find at least one person on their team who would prefer to follow the superior’s instructions rather than be creative. Why does it happen? The problem is not an A boss demonstrates a tendency towards addressing the subordinates impersonally, commenting about them instead of the issue in question: “you always do so,” “you had to do so,” “you can’t do it…“ The boss’s mood, his/her authoritarianism, and firmness deprive employees of the sense of security and stability. In such circumstances, the employee is not able to satisfy his/her higher values, such as self-fulfillment, and instead, (s)he tries to develop a stable position in a group and good relationships with the superiors. Such an arrangement creates a vicious circle in which an enslaved employee makes himself or herself […]


20 Most Influential Books for HR Managers


Confucius once said, “You cannot open a book without learning something.” And it is commonly known that books have a great influence on our lives. They teach, inspire, motivate, and give hope. And that concerns every area of life, including HR Management. Today we prepared 20 Most Influential Books for HR Managers. Let’s take a look at the best positions on the bookshelves with Amazon’s rating, and see what inspires HR managers! #1 First, Break All the Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently by Marcus Buckingham, Curt Coffman 4.5/5 stars Ranked 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon, Buckingham and Coffman’s book teaches the readers that breaking the rules is a practice which can have positive effects. The book contains a large study (described in a short way as it would […]


The VUCA Method Is The Reality Of War In Today’s Business


What Is VUCA Method? Initially, the term VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) was used to describe the militarized reality of war, but for the past several years, it has been used in the business world as well. Joanna Kucharczyk-Capiga, the founder of Business Coaching Diploma, explains the application of VUCA concepts in the description of today’s reality: Volatility – it is increasingly difficult for us to predict the future of business because the pace of changes is extremely fast; Uncertainty – people’s sense of security is based on stability and predictability, and businesses are not sure what tomorrow will bring. The modern economic history knows examples of companies that declared bankruptcy overnight as a result of changes in the market. Companies need to be highly flexible. It is enough to […]


The Approach To Work In The Future – What Can We Expect?


At present, we are undergoing one of the greatest revolutions of working processes in the company and the approach to an employee. According to Oxford scientists, more than half of today’s occupations will disappear in the next two decades. The concept of work and the process of company and employee development often deviate from the vision instilled in minds of our parents and grandparents. Grandchildren are usually unable to explain to their grandparents what their work is all about. The problem is not only new technologies but also the approach to the development of the company and its employees. In this article, we will try to describe the main changes that have taken place in this area over the years. Improve processes and not just grow In today’s business world,  […]


We Doubled Our Revenues, And We Have 140.000 Users. TimeCamp’s Summary Of 2017


Through 2017, we have been working on a new version of the software, which we called TimeCamp 3.0. The work is almost done, and at the beginning of 2018, we hope to offer our customers the enhanced version of our product, enriched with project and task management support. That means a completely new market for us. You are now reading the next text summarizing the passing year. We asked members of the Polish start-ups to tell us what they achieved in 2017. If you want to read other articles on this topic, please click here. In the photo: Paweł Kijko, the Chief Marketing Officer at TimeCamp Creating a new version of TC is, in fact, the biggest challenge we faced in 2017. But that is not all, of course. We […]