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5 Time Tracking Utility Scenarios


When a specific project is assigned to an employee, it is necessary to monitor the amount of time he consumes to complete the same. Apart from that the employee activity as well as the ideal time also can be monitored in order to increase efficiency. The time tracking software is now widely used to monitor the various aspects of business projects. The time tracking utility can also be used to check the correctness of billable hours and also to manage the weekly or monthly payment to employees who are located at different places or countries.


6 Extremely Important Apps To Use When Running a Company


When you are running your own company, it is important to have apps that help you make the most of your time and your resources. TimeCamp is one such app that helps you use time management effectively and also ties in with other apps that can be used to help keep you and your business running smoothly. Apps from effective time management strategies to simple accounting can help you keep your eyes on the business instead of on the books giving you more time to dedicate to your business.


What Is Project Management And How To Optimize It With Time Tracking Software


Businesses ventures undertake daily tasks that most often meet with deadlines. These projects usually require the expertise and time from different individuals and departments to reach completion. There is no reason to head into a large project unprepared to reach set goals. There are plenty of resources, including software to help you built a timetable and understand your scheduling needs. Where to start There are plenty of resources to choose from. Many online resources can begin helping you within minutes of subscribing or downloading the project task and time management software. Once you have settled on a program you can follow the guidelines and initiate time tracking. Usually the first place to start when planning your project is simply making a list of milestones that need to be met and […]


How Asana and TimeCamp Improves Communication and Productivity of the Team


We are living in times where our communication is dominated by technology. Thanks to the Internet, we can communicate and work from nearly every corner of the world. However, we still need to remember about improving our way of collaboration by choosing proper tools and optimizing our workflow. Fortunately, there are more and more available solutions which would help you do just that. While working in a team – no matter if you work in the office or are a remote worker – it is important to have a clear vision of good communication and collaboration – to know which team member is responsible for what, what is the progress of the task, the deadline. Choosing the right tool The online market is full of collaboration tools. One that stands out […]


How To Get 1000 Potential Customers As New Users That Visit Your Site Using Social Media


We wanted to share a case study which is a project named “100 most inspiring people in project management”. Our product is dedicated for creative agencies (including US, UK, and Australia) so we have to be interested in everything which is related to work management in these markets. We came up with the idea of gathering all the sites and blogs that we are reading during the morning coffee at work. They are also engaging, inspiring and giving us something new. As a company active on project management market we decided to create a ranking of 100 people who are most inspiring to us in project managers work. The results of our job are available here: 1… 2… 3… Wow! 100 Most Inspiring People in Project Management Our next step […]


1… 2… 3… Wow! 100 Most Inspiring People in Project Management


If you are looking for most brillant and inspiring ideas about project management, to whom will you go? Obviously, to the Gurus, people for whom PM is much more than just a work. They love it, they learn it and they improve it all the time. We give you a list of 100 people who really have some say in this topic. 1. Brad Egeland Business Solution Designer. Brad currently works as an independent consultant. He runs 2. Thomas Kennedy PMP certified project manager and a lifelong learner. Thomas runs where helps project managers grow. 3. Louise Hardy Louise specialises in complex infrastructure projects. She works for CLM that is working with the Olympic Delivery Authority on the insfrastructure for Olympics. 4. Bill Mabry Expert in Project and […]


Top 5 methods of time tracking in Jira


  The time tracking software is one of the best for managing your projects. Jira which is a project management software can also help you out with time tracking as well when you intergrate it with any other time tracker. The software can be used for project management and is very user friendly. Whatever be your profession or your lifestyle, being timely is important skill that should be imbibed by every individual. The time management skills are some of the elemental skills that you need to practice. But for many it is a rather difficult feat and so the time tracker software came into being. They are the best option that you can use when you need to manage your time according to a set schedule. Here are five methods […]


Top 5 Advantages of Using Project Time Tracker


The time tracker software can be downloaded for free. You can easily use this software on the go. They are very helpful for project works and assignments. They can be installed in every kind of devices that you are using. why to use time tracking? Time tracking software is very essential these days when you have a lot to do but very little time in hand. The five benefits of using this kind of time tracking software are listed below: They are free of cost The greatest advantage of installing them is most of the project time trackers are actually time tracking freeware. This means that they are free of charge and in most cases you can access the premium features as well without paying any charges at all. They are […]

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