How To Increase Your Productivity During The Summer?


June is coming to an end but Summer is not! There is still at least one more sunny month for you to enjoy (perhaps more, depending on the part of the world that you live in 😉 This is the time when we usually plan our holidays and make use of the leave that we worked hard for the past few months to get.  It’s so good to say goodbye to the office and for the next few weeks enjoy the sun, beach, mountains, lake, or whatever it is that we want to enjoy during our free time. But as it always happens, the free time passes by way too fast… Blink of an eye and you are back at the office, wondering where all your holidays went. Still, you […]


How Can You Value Your Freelancing Work?


If you are planning to make a living by performing freelancing services, you may find it difficult to set the right price for your work, especially at the beginning of your career. It may be quite a difficult task, but there are some important rules that you should follow, and it will surely get you on the right tracks. Let’s take a look at them. Believe in yourself Don’t forget about the most important fact of your work –  that you are providing services that your clients are willing to pay for. They have the budget and they need what you offer. That’s why if you wonder what should be the price for your work, be realistic but also firm about it. The price for your service depends on a few factors: […]


These 5 Simple Rules Will Help You Learn Better and Faster!


Every child goes through this period when everything gets so fascinating. The question ‘why’ is being constantly asked and they can turn even the most tedious activity into fun and an opportunity to learn. However, with time this great character trait diminishes, as the pressure of the environment and demands of people that surround us take away the joy of learning something new, turning it into a dull and discouraging process. This is not the only reason. The truth is that as we grow older, we have to learn more, and every new thing is more complicated and difficult than it used to be when we were younger.  It takes much longer to possess certain knowledge and it shouldn’t surprise that the long, monotonous process of learning becomes something we […]


Nail Your Job Interview – Tips and Tricks to Make Good First Impression!


Since our two previous posts (you will find them in today’s related articles) were about starting one’s business and promoting it via various sources. If you feel like you could conquer the market with your product or service, you should check them out! We are sure they can help you take not only first small steps, but even climb the ladder once you are in the business 😉 However, we realize that not everyone is made to run his or her own company, many of us prefer a steady office job. It doesn’t involve so many duties – the company’s accountants make sure we are paid, we are always with people and have someone to talk to, there’s an order to everything and we don’t have to manage our time […]


How To Manage Your Business?


Remember our yesterday’s post? Well, of course, you remember, it was yesterday! 😀 We were discussing the first steps one should take, to start his or her own company. We sincerely hope that our short guide will be helpful to anyone who decides to take these steps and enter the gigantic world of business. And for everyone who does, we have prepared another short guide, this time concerning bigger steps that one should take after setting up his or her own company. Now that the gears started turning let’s make sure that they won’t stop until we are really something on the market 😉 Now I’m my own boss. What’s next? You tell the world about it. Is your website ready to go? If not, make sure that someone is working on […]


How To Start Your Own Business?


If sometimes you are feeling like your work is not for you. Like you can do something more with the experience and the ideas you have. Maybe become your own boss? Organize the daily schedule by yourself and be the one who negotiates with the clients, so you always know exactly what they want, not what your manager want you to do.  Well, perhaps it’s the right time to start your own business? Are you looking for best time and billing software? Give TimeCamp a try! Where do I begin? Once you are sure that you want to take the first small steps into the huge world of business and set up your very own company, there are things that require your immediate attention. These are, unfortunately, the legal regulations that […]


Best Hourly Employee Tracking Software – Because Every Second Is Precious!


”Time is money” – there is probably no better known saying than this one. Briefly: time is a resource which is valuable, so it’s advice able to do things as quickly as possible, spend time and effort on things that get the results we are looking for. Does it sound familiar? Of course, it does. Is it not the essence of every business? To spend time as efficiently as possible doing all that is necessary to achieve the best results? Sure it is. Thus, get to work and to maximize the chance of your company to succeed in that matter, invest in Best Hourly Employee Tracking Software. Every second of your and your employees’ work is precious, so use the apps listed below to count it: TIMECAMP Don’t miss any […]


Statement: Service Outage


Dear TimeCamp users, On April 26th, 2017, we experienced a major service outage. This incident caused TimeCamp service to be unavailable for 2 hours yesterday. To provide quickest possible access to our services, we needed to go back to the state from the day before. Therefore you might be experiencing some data loss. Users and task added between 12:00 PM Tuesday and 3:00 PM Wednesday (UTC) might not be available to you, as well as the time you have tracked. While service is up and running and ready to use now, we’re working to bring data from mentioned timeframe back. In upcoming days you’ll receive an email from us, showing data available to be restored. You’ll be able to confirm the restoration by clicking on a link in that email. […]