Best Hourly Billing Software – Control Your Time and Money!


For a business to be thriving, certain measures have to be taken − so that the risk of its failure could be mitigated. Therefore, working on a project demands dealing with every single of its aspects since the idea in its core, which has to be polished and implemented, is not the only issue one should keep in their mind. Another are finances which ought to be accounted for. One may hire a specialist to do so or invest in business management software, of which the second option seems to be more preferable, being much cheaper and comparably efficient. Below you will find five examples of the best hourly time billing software: Learn more about budget management and billing software from our other posts: TIMECAMP If you are looking for […]


5 Tips That Can Help You Become a Better Freelancer!


  Many people believe that working from home is a piece of cake. Not having to personally interact with the boss, not having to commute to the office. There is some truth behind it, especially if we consider those, who have the introvert type of personality. Communicating with others can be easier if we do not have to do it face to face. But it does not necessarily mean that it’s as much accurate, as the verbal conversation. It may be harder to pass the precise message to the person when our only means of communication are the chat or the email. For that reason, many managers expect a little bit more from the freelancers they co-operate with than from their regular office employees.  And as freelancers rather rarely work for […]


10 Great Songs About Time!


We wouldn’t like to get you bored with too much technological stuff. We do love time tracking software, developing it is, after all, what we decided to do for a living. Watching, as our TimeCamp grows, is like watching your child take its first steps, and then suddenly becomes the captain of the school sport’s team, gets Harvard’s scholarship, and becomes the president of the Galaxy. Yeah, we probably got a little overexcited. But that’s how we are when it comes to time tracking software. However, we realize that to our sane, non-fixated-on-software readers reading about the TTS may appear tiresome. Thus, let us relax today, and listen to some music. Below you will find a (play)list of 10 songs that were picked especially for the reason to raise one’s mood. Well… […]


The Development of Mobile Marketing


Mobile marketing is one of the most developing areas of research and advertising. A multitude of applications gives you great opportunities to analyze the needs and preferences of the consumer. The study (source: SalesManago) more than 80% of the population own mobile devices, 85% of them declare that the smartphone is a central element of their lives, 94% of users use them to search for information related to their location (mostly, to find the way somewhere). 35% of companies have a team dedicated just to the issues concerning mobile devices, and 95% of marketers are satisfied with the inclusion of mobile devices in their strategies. On the market, there is a large group of applications that help marketers not only increase sales and reach specific consumers, but also manage the […]


5 Most Expensive Watches in The World


When you imagine a successful businessman, how does he look? A perfectly tailored suit, expensive tie, shining pair of shoes, and a golden Rolex on his wrist. A Rolex that’s probably worth more than the rest of the outfit. However, compared to the five watches described on our list, a Rolex is a cheap toy. Take a look at some of the most expensive watches to have ever been created by men. Even a standard watch may be helpful, it doesn’t necessarily have to be so expensive. Do you know what else is not expensive at all but it can considerably help you with time management? Of course. A time tracking software! And TimeCamp is one of the best on the market, while also being the cheapest.Go on, try it out. You […]


5 Ancient Places That You Should Visit


Hello again! We had to move our EE Thursday (EE stands for Education & Entertainment, how do you like it?) this week because something huge came up. Something huge is our new mobile app for iPhones and Android that we launched this week. If you’d like to try it out, find out more here. But let us move on to the post that is both educational and entertaining! Today, we picked five unusual places that are really worth visiting. They are not as popular as other ancient structures like the Pyramids or the Great Wall of China, but they are not in any way less attractive. So, buckle up, get ready, and enjoy the journey! Perhaps you got inspired by one of our articles on working and traveling at the same time? […]


5 Amazing Time Travel Movies


The weekend is closing in and while some of you will probably hit the city, go to a pub or club, meet with friends. However, many of you will decide to stay at home, relax, spend time with your family, perhaps watch a movie? As promised, we are dedicating one entry per week to entertainment. We are still thinking about the name of this series, but anything that comes to my head is “the entertaining Thursday, so” and this is just poor. Maybe “The Thunderous Thursday”? Sounds a bit better. If you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments. This week’s entry focuses on the fantastic world of the silver screen! If you are wondering what good movie you can watch during the weekend, we may be able to […]


Free Twitter Followers to Upgrade Your Account! New tool


Friday is time for partying! And nowadays so many people party with a drink in one hand, and smartphone in the other. Perhaps these days having fun is not as important, as showing to everyone that we are having fun… Instagram, Facebook, Twitter – all these social media websites are literally bursting with photos from all sorts of events. We are moving out from the real world and move into the virtual reality. Now, this was perhaps a bit too drastic =] It is important to know when to hide the phone in our pocket and enjoy the present moment, as such portals can be incredibly time-consuming. But apart from that, the truth is, social media websites are very helpful when it comes to making new relationships, finding important contacts, and promoting […]