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What is new in TimeCamp software.

Integrate MeisterTask with TimeCamp for Time Tracking


TimeCamp and MeisterTask – what does it offer? MeisterTask is an online project and task management tool designed to be as helpful as possible in the project management process. It equips you with a set of features that provide aid when it comes to monitoring the progress of your projects or helping the team members to collaborate with each other seamlessly.  Some of them include: Kanban projects boards that adapt your workflow Project monitoring Task management Smart automation that ensure you work more efficiently Integrations with other project management and task management applications such as Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox or GitHub This software provides the approachable and productive environment to you and your team. It does so by combining the elements of project management, collaboration, and task management. You can use it […]


Integrate your Visual Studio with TimeCamp for Time Tracking


TimeCamp and Visual Studio integration – what does it offer? Microsoft Visual Studio is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) created by Microsoft. At first, this system was designed to develop computer programs, websites, web applications, and web services for Microsoft Windows. However, with time the purpose of this software started to change (or rather, the options it offered started to grow), as it was constantly being developed. So today, we can use Visual Studio in many other ways. For example, develop applications for both desktop and mobile platforms, as well as web applications, and cloud-based services. Visual Studio provides some important features for the larger teams – version control, agile planning, and application control. For coders there is a special version of this software, enabling them to work on codes for […]


Benefits of TimeCamp and Wrike time tracking integration!


When it comes to project management, choosing an appropriate software should be one of the essential steps. But this market is full of different possibilities, so the right choice appears often after testing a few tools before. That’s why offering the wide range of features is the best way to be noticed. One of the tools which do it in a proper way is Wrike – an online tool for project management and work collaboration. As we informed about two weeks ago, it integrates with TimeCamp directly to help project managers find out how much time their employees usually spend on their official duties – time tracking in Wrike. But it’s not the only benefit which comes from this integration – read the entire article to find out how can […]


Integrate your Breeze with TimeCamp for Time Tracking


Time Tracking with Breeze – what does it offer and how can Time Tracking software enhance it? Breeze is a simple tool for project management that keeps all our tasks and projects on a single workspace. It gives to its users the transparency of their everyday workflow. They are able to monitor what’s being worked on, who’s working on what, where things are and how much time do particular tasks take. Breeze gathers all the projects and tasks in one place, from which they are always accessible. The effective visual boards it offers are a great help in managing projects and visualizing the steps essential in finishing the work. The whole team is able to focus on a problem, brainstorm, discuss, and leave feedback thanks to the collaboration tools included in Breeze […]


Free Tools for Planning Tasks and Projects


Tools for planning tasks It is much easier to plan tasks and work with the help of tools that were designed for this purpose. Most of us have their favorites – from the typical sticky notes, notebooks or calendars, through phone apps, and up to the complex project management software. Though there are still many fans of the regular, paper methods to organize their routine, the electronic tools are definitely more popular. This is because they are accessible from practically anywhere, providing we have an internet access (or even without it as some apps do not require internet connection.) The applications and websites for planning and managing tasks can be divided into three categories: Free Freemium (money charged for proprietary features) Paid In this article we will focus on those available […]


Integrate your GitLab with TimeCamp for Time Tracking


GitLab – what does it offer and how can Time Tracking software enhance it? GitLab is an open source online and self-hosted service. It provides all the necessary means to manage Git projects. GitLab includes Git repository management, issue tracking, code review, an IDE, activity streams, wikis, and more. The GitLab Enterprise Edition offers LDAP group sync, git hooks, automated testing, and audit trail, equipping administrators with user management capabilities without imposing on developers’ workflows. It is very popular among huge companies and organizations that want a powerful Git hosting service they can put under their control or as an alternative to other services offering Git management. It has a built-in CI and CD to test, build and deploy code. The progress of tests can be easily monitored, and users can […]


Integrate your Wrike with TimeCamp for Time Tracking


Wrike – what does it offer and how can Time Tracking software enhance it? Wrike is an online tool for project management and work collaboration. With its help users can manage and track projects, deadlines, schedules and other processes. It also gives them the ability to share files, discuss tasks, log their work and receive real-time updates about the progress of their work. Users can monitor their tasks thanks to a visual timeline, and recreate the templates used previously to speed up their workflow. This software drastically reduces the use of email by providing all the necessary features for project management in a single app. Thanks to it, the companies are able to focus on their core tasks without the unnecessary distractions. Keeping all the projects organized and assigned is […]


Add time tracking to your Smartsheet with TimeCamp!


What is Smartsheet and how can Time Tracking Software upgrade it? Smartsheet is web-based project management software that enhances team collaboration. Users can use it to assign tasks, share documents, manage their calendars, or track the progress of a project. It has a spreadsheet-like interface coupled with Gantt charts and other work automation features that make it a great productivity app that is also appreciated in the business – it won a couple of awards, like the Best Business App of 2014 given by Evernote Platform Awards. TimeCamp allows you to integrate with Smartsheet and add a time tracker to it. Share your work with other team members, or simply collaborate on a specific task, Smartsheet makes it easy. Invite people anywhere to collaborate on your entire project by sharing […]