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What is new in TimeCamp software.

Slack and TimeCamp Integration


Slack – What does it offer? Most of you people out there, working in big or small companies, probably had a chance to get familiar with Slack. Slack is an operating system designed for teams – it helps in work organization by allowing users to efficiently communicate and find all the information necessary for their work. It has a very nice-to-the-eye and self-explanatory interface, so using it is simple, pleasant, and it boosts our productivity. According to recent statistics, Slack has 3 million daily active users and there are 60.000 teams on it. The average amount of time that a user spends “active” on a weekday is 320 minutes! It’s being used by all kinds of teams, from those that have only 2 members, to those corporations that are a […]


A new opportunity on the horizon – Full TimeCamp and Zapier integration!


At TimeCamp we are doing everything in our power to equip our clients with the best time tracking app there is. We constantly add new features and options to it and develop the ones already there, all this to enhance the productivity and efficiency of our clients’ working time. And we believe that there is always some more space for improvement! With TimeCamp you can precisely track the time that you are dedicating to any computer activity. Let’s say that you have been working on a project for a while, finished it and received a report. What you most likely have to do with it now, is to share it with your team or send to a potential client. Whatever it may be, it requires the use of another application […]


What’s New? Introducing Keywords!


TimeCamp desktop app, as well as the versions designed for other platforms and devices, is packed with lots of useful features helpful to increase teams and individuals productivity. It’s also an intuitive solution which allows tracking time without any effort. We’re still trying to make it even better and more efficient for our users, so informing about new or improved feature is always a pleasure! After Basecamp 3 integration came the time to introduce the Keywords feature! What’s new? Introducing Keywords! Keywords were designed to increase the potential of the desktop app. But how they work? Thanks to this feature TimeCamp automatically searches for specific phrases included in windows and document titles you defined before. If the app finds a matching keyword, it will immediately switch to the assigned task. […]


What’s New? TimeCamp integrates with Basecamp 3!


Changes, changes everywhere! Let’s see what’s new at the beginning of August! We’re so excited to tell you that TimeCamp integration with Basecamp 3 has been launched! It was one of the most seeking time tracking integration on the market, so the more we’re proud! Basecamp is a Web-based solution for project management helpful when the team is suffering due to workload.  It helps teams stay better organized by assigning people’s to their duties and discussing task and projects to get things done perfectly. They launched the 3 version of its product a few months ago, and now TimeCamp, as one of the most popular Basecamp integrations, integrates with both the old and the new tool! Why Basecamp is special and that popular? Because it’s an intuitive but also stylish […]


TimeCamp Integrates With Producteev!


Time tracking software is a perfect solution, especially when it works as a support for other tools. That’s why we’re always pleased when we can inform you about the new integration we made. To help our users increase their personal and work time productivity, TimeCamp integrates with Producteev – a task management software produced by Jive in a direct way. TimeCamp and Producteev Integration – How It Works? Why Producteev? Producteev allows you to keep the to-do list in your pocket and manage it everywhere and anytime, thanks to the wide range of available operating systems and devices. With this simple and powerful app getting things done is easier than we think – teams are completing their tasks faster and more effective. Producteev interface is easy-to-use and intuitive, so using […]


What’s New In July?


Customer experience and satisfaction is the most important factor which powers our team. That’s why we’re always more than happy when we have a new feature to announce. At the beginning of July, we have two surprises for our users: a direct integration with Todoist and a refreshed mobile app! What’s New In July? TimeCamp and Todoist Integration Listening what our customers really need helps us to know which features should be developed first. A vast majority of TimeCamp users considered Todoist as one of the most desirable integration. Todoist is a one of the most popular task management software. It helps people to stay perfectly organized and get things done with to-do lists regardless of time and location, thanks to more than 10 platforms available. Thanks to its rich […]


What’s New In June?


TimeCamp team pays attention to customer experience – that’s why our product is still developing. It’s always a pleasure for us to inform you that TimeCamp is enriched with new functions. June started a few days ago, so we’re incredibly delighted to introduce you two new essential TimeCamp features – chat and mobile 2.0! Introducing Chat and TimeCamp Mobile 2.0! Meet TimeCamp chat Last month we implemented a feature that has long been awaited by our users – an internal chat designed to increase the communication effectiveness between team members using TimeCamp. This feature is focused mostly on managing project communication. Using it, you can discuss with team members about several projects at the same time. There is no need to inform them about it – just choose an appropriate window. What are […]


Earn 20% Commision With TimeCamp Affiliate Program!


Have you ever thought about making money without leaving home? Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Well, what if we told you that there is an easy way which requires minimum attention, but can get you quite a lot of money.  If you are interested in promoting already world famous time tracking software and you would like to help people change their bad habits into good ones, while also increasing their time management techniques, this is your chance! Sounds interesting? If you are an online influencer or/and you have a blog or a website, contact us right now! The possibility of increasing your income just by promoting our time tracking tool among your readers is within the arms’ reach! How Does TimeCamp Affiliate Program Exactly Work? If you have any doubts whether our time tracking software […]