How to be sure time tracking implementation is going the right way?


Ok, we started time tracking implementation with a great kick-off meeting. We explained everything. But it is a time to ask: how can we be sure that this implementation is going the right way? How to know this? At first, we weren’t convinced how to check this with confidence. It was so frustrating, because we wanted to implement time tracking successfully, and we didn’t know if it was progressing! So we’ve done an experiment and research. This enabled us to create a list of 11 items you should examine with your process. Notice, the criteria might differ from the kind of company you are. If you will follow our checklist, you will have a tool to check whether you are going the right way or not. It’s like a compass […]


“I want to play a game”. How we almost doubled a number of billable hours in one month


Time tracking company has problems with time tracking implementation? How weird does it sound to you? But after all, we are humans and like all the rest we go through some turbulence when we “must” do something… Even when it is such a profitable process as time tracking. Hopefully, we have found out a TRICK that changed this compulsion into a… pure fun!


Time Tracking with Teamwork


No matter if you charge your clients for the hours spent on projects. Or need to better estimate and plan your team work. Time data are something required in the job of each project manager. This creates a need or time tracking. It makes us happy to announce the integration, which will enable you to manage projects and track time at once – an integration with Teamwork, great tool for project management. Time tracking with Teamwork will allow you to register hours used in different assignments and for different clients. Everything happening in TimeCamp which imports all projects, tasks and subtasks and keep them assigned to the person responsible. Thanks to this you collect time usage data in one place. It has a meaning for project leaders who not only […]


Which of 5 Types Are You? Find Your Ideal Project Structure


Approaching a time tracking we have tried many various solutions. We let our team to pick the method, everyone could add projects and tasks. As a result, everyone was doing it in a different way. Our structures were very complex. The tasks were multiplied. We noticed a huge chaos in our reports. Time tracking was telling us nothing. In this post we want to share five types of ideal project structure. We have classified them basing on our clients’ experiences. Each of them represents different business goals.


5 Premises of Valuable Marketing Content


It’s very easy to make your marketing content fail. What we consider as an interesting and useful for our users, in reality, is not that fun for the readers. Preparing our new cycle of articles we spent a lot of time wondering about the form, subject, context. First, to make it useful and valuable. Second, to gain the bigger audience. Third, to improve it. This experiment helped us to prepare a long term strategy. But also, it was a great lesson on how to create a valuable content. We discovered there are five premises.


5 Time Tracking Tools That Will Light Fire of Your Project Management


Do you consider implementation of time tracking project management software in your company? Yes? That’s great! You have my blessing as I know it’s a rocket fuel for a productivity engine. I also know that choosing the right time tracking software can be a hell of a vertigo. That’s why I made an effort and emerged 5 tools worth mentioning. “Wait! Only 5?” Yes. It’s nothing new that among hundreds of products only a few are valuable, right?


5 Elements of The Great Time Tracking Kick-off Meeting


We’ve already tried twice to implement time tracking and we failed miserably. It was frustrating. For the entire team. Today we want to share our tips on how to make a perfect kick-off meeting to start track time with TimeCamp. Hopefully, this will let you avoid lots of problems and frustration. Below are the five key elements that you should communicate to your team during the successful kick-off meeting.


10 Fatal Mistakes That Killed Our Time Tracking Implementation


We struggled to implement time tracking in our company. In a company that makes time tracking software! It is known that tracking time will benefit in the long term. But still – it is so frustrating and time consuming when again and again, you force people to do something that they don’t care about! This process can be really painful, for both employees and managers. But at the end, we manage to collect 10 fatal mistakes, so we and you will never make them again. If you are struggling with timesheet software implementation, read the whole post.

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