5 Elements of The Great Time Tracking Kick-off Meeting


We’ve already tried twice to implement time tracking and we failed miserably. It was frustrating. For the entire team. Today we want to share our tips on how to make a perfect kick-off meeting to start track time with TimeCamp. Hopefully, this will let you avoid lots of problems and frustration. Below are the five key elements that you should communicate to your team during the successful kick-off meeting.


10 Fatal Mistakes That Killed Our Time Tracking Implementation


We struggled to implement time tracking in our company. In a company that makes time tracking software! It is known that tracking time will benefit in the long term. But still – it is so frustrating and time consuming when again and again, you force people to do something that they don’t care about! This process can be really painful, for both employees and managers. But at the end, we manage to collect 10 fatal mistakes, so we and you will never make them again. If you are struggling with timesheet software implementation, read the whole post.


Get Started – Our Way to Accurate Time Tracking


Third time’s the charm, but sometimes it takes more. Each single trial of time tracking implementation within our own company seemed like a tilting at windmills. But not anymore… We are aware of how difficult it may be to convince your employees to start recording the time spent on assignments. It is even not necessarily the matter of their unwillingness to do so. There are many other reasons why they don’t do it. Being the creators of time tracking software hasn’t been much easier for us either. We have struggled a number of attempts to implement this process within our team. Unfortunately, unsuccessfully…


How to gain $1500 running a project and tracking time at once


Podio & TimeCamp Integration solves the problem of your and your team’s work organization and time tracking. And it does it at once! Do you have a feeling that the time that should be spent on projects runs out in so many directions, that you can’t control it at all? Are you convinced that your team could be more efficient and profitable if: Projects were set in order and more transparent for all team members? Time spent on each task was precisely measured for every single employee? It’s a sign that you need a multifunctional tool which is easy to implement, learn and operate.


Perfect Time Tracking in the Team Structure


3 levels structure of your team and checklist Companies struggle with a variety of problems in the terms of recording time spent on projects. One of them is though it’s for the whole organization, people can’t see the common goal they should achieve by using it. Every single person, no matter what is their role in the organizational structure, answers to its success. Everyone contributes in its performance. Thereby, people on each level will use time tracking differently and take from its diverse advantages. In the ideal team time tracking structure we distinguish the Boss, Project Managers and Team Members.

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