How Does Automatic Time Tracking Work in TimeCamp?


Q: Hello, I would like to know how does this automatic time tracking work? A: So basically it works like this: you enter unique keywords for tasks, then our desktop application is constantly looking for them in window titles, and then, if we find one of the keywords, we automatically change to that project and start tracking time to that project or task.


Recent Outage


Dear TimeCamp Users, As some of you noticed we had a service outage one day ago. The issue with one of our servers was caused by a problem with the hard drive. We had to reinstall the operating system and import data from the daily backup. However, our database is very large, so it took almost 24 hours to import all the data. We couldn’t enable the site before full import, because of the problem that would occur with inconsistent data.


Track Time Against Trello Cards and Lists


Have you ever used a board to remember all your ideas and tasks? Well, it needs some space to hang it and one board sometimes is not enough. Trello is an online tool that replaces traditional notes on your wall. It collects required supplies and lets you keep an eye on the big picture. It’s a great project management software for individuals and teams.