November 25, 2022

Presenteeism – Clocking in the hours, but not the work

Presenteeism – it’s the illusion of a worker being physically present in the workplace and productive, although, in truth – it’s quite the opposite, as they’re unproductive due to sickness.  Presenteeism is a sore point for many businesses as if the practice is widespread, employee mental health, physical wellbeing,... Read the story

Log Time on a Story Card in Pivotal Tracker and TimeCamp Integration

Currently there is variety of tools created for a better project management. Their task is to make our work...

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TimeCamp Desktop Tracker

Here are some options for an amazing TimeCamp Desktop Time Tracker!

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Log Time on a To-do Item – Introducing Basecamp Integration

Working as a Project Manager or a team member it would be nice to have access to tools that...

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