Google Calendar Directly Time Tracker

Google Calendar Directly Time Tracker

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"Timecamp has become an essential part of my work flow. I am very happy to be able to track time in this way as I have tried many, many tools and integration with Google Calendar Directly is the simplest and easiest to use."

TimeCamp offers calendar time tracker. It tracks all the dates and items enlisted in timetables and converts them into time entries. It helps to save time and instead of switching between two apps – a calendar and time tracking software – you can easily manage your projects and tasks in one place, with particular attention to dates.

Google Calendar Directly Time Tracker
Google Calendar Directly Time Tracker

You can integrate Google Calendar with TimeCamp directly:

This manual describes how to enable integration between Google calendar. This will allow to import the items from calendar as time-entries in timecamp. Those entries can be later on edited. The name of the calendar item is always shown in the notes field of the time-entry.

Below you can find how to enable the integration:

Firstly, please copy the address of the calendar. We recommend generating the private link as shown below.

Google Calendar Directly Time Tracker

go to settings -> addons tab -> calendar settings and paste the link you generated earlier. You may also set what time-frame would be imported from your calendar every time it syncs.