Computer activities assigned to time entries

time tracking software

TimeCamp’s desktop application is a tool that registers all computer activities like visited websites or used applications. It assigns them to “Unassigned Computer Time” category but the user can simply complete timesheets with them by picking the right activities and moving them to the appropriate project or task in “Timesheet” section.


time tracking software
To assign time to projects or tasks, user needs to open “Timesheet” section and choose a day where TimeCamp have collected unassigned activities or where was a need to move some activities from one project to another.

TIP Clicking on “Unassigned Computer Activities” will unwrap a list of activities.

There are two ways of transferring activities to a specific project, what is necessary to complete timesheet. In the first method user needs to click on the square on the left side of the activity. Afterwards click on the “Move to” green button and select a proper project to move the activities to. User can select as many activities as needed.
time tracking software

TIP TimeCamp enables to select all activities by one click. User needs to click on the square which is allocated next to the “Move to” button.


The second method is better for users who want to transfer a single task. It is very easy to do by grabbing a single task to the specific project. The same procedure is with activities which are assigned to wrong projects and should be transferred to another.

time tracking software
TimeCamp allows to sort projects by duration (from the biggest amount of time to the smallest) or between. Activities which are not assigned to any project and also activities which has already been moved to specific project can be sorted chronologically – every entry is listed as a separate activity. On the right side user can see time spent on specific activity.
There is also another way to sort activities. They can be grouped. TimeCamp collects all activities in one entry and shows time added up. There is an option to unroll group of activities and see every single entry. User can filter the results of shown activities. In order to do that, they need to click on the button with “More than Sign”. Users can select activities longer than 0 and 30 sec or 1 and 3 minutes.
time tracking software

In TimeCamp you can easily find the needed activity – just type it in the search engine which is allocated on the top of the window of the selected project.

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