Powerful time tracking integrations

time tracking software

One of the essential features in TimeCamp is the ability to integrate with other tools!

Basing on our experience and the knowledge we gain thanks to our clients, we want to make the time tracking the easiest and effortless. Additionally, we want to ease your whole work, also in running projects. It is the reason why we sync TimeCamp to many project management tools.

The core things in every integration are projects and tasks.

These are the items we count time for. Time data collected enable you to bill your clients and measure team's efficiency accurately. That’s why tasks synchronization is a basis of each sync.

No matter what kind of application you use to run the projects, to collaborate with others, you have assignments defined. And people attached to them. This allows you to monitor the progress.

time tracking software

When you run the integration, TimeCamp will import all of your projects and tasks defined in the particular tool and synchronize them with TimeCamp. After the sync, you will find the tasks in your projects’ structure. As a result, you will be able to record all valuable minutes in every assignment you need to do it for.

You can do it in TimeCamp’s timesheets or, in some cases, directly in the software you use.

In TimeCamp you pick the task from the list and run the timer. Or fill the time duration after you finish. In graphical timesheets, you can additionally note the time spent on specific assignments from activities column, which registers names of all the tools you were working on.

time tracking software

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