How many work hours from log sheet have been invested in coding and testing Bootstrap?

How many work hours from log sheet have been invested in coding and testing Bootstrap?

Creating a website such as Bootstrap is not easy and it takes much time. If you’re planning on creating a similar platform, TimeCamp may be extremely helpful. You can check how many hours it takes to code and test such a site. And it works also on mobile device, if needed. TimeCamp is an application which helps track the duration and type of activities. The solution is most often used by companies as the tool to manage time as well as projects, which requires a subscription, but for an individual user, TC is free.

Coding, Testing, and Time Tracking

How many hours does it take to create a platform like Bootstrap? Installing TimeCamp, you will find out. You may be surprised with the outcome. TimeCamp tracks time spent on coding and testing, (and many other activities important in such an investment) either on a desktop or a laptop. On a mobile device, you can track time manually.

Work Hours Log Sheet in TimeCamp

What can I do to track my hours spent on coding and testing? It’s never been easier! Follow these fours steps

  1. Sign up and implement time tracking
  2. Download TimeCamp time tracker app for desktop
  3. Download TimeCamp time tracker for a mobile device from:
    1. time tracking app from Google Play Store
    2. time tracking app from iTunes to iOS
  4. Our application will show you detailed reports on how much time you spent on coding and testing in a given period of time, however:
    1. working on a mobile device – remember to turn on the application when you start doing it and to turn it off when you stop.
    2. working on a desktop/laptop - you only need to remember to turn the app on – it will track time spent on investing and coding automatically.
How many work hours from log sheet have been invested in coding and testing Bootstrap?

Then, at the end of the month or week or any particular period, tally up time you and your team spent on coding and testing the project. Then you can see for yourself how much time it all takes and probably receive similar results as the creators of Bootstrap.
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Find out how much time you need to spend on creating your own version of Bootstrap
and do it using TimeCamp!