How to track work hours on iphone app?

How to track work hours on iphone app

In today’s modernized world we often work with phones and on phones. But it’s not always easy to measure work hours spent on phone. Here TimeCamp comes with help and offers a solution to the owners of iphones. TimeCamp is a time tracking software which follows your activities on the phone. As an individual user you can get it for free.

Work Hours App on Iphone

TimeCamp allows you to follow the time spent on iphone during which you perform your tasks. However it requires a manual use, not automatic, as it is in the case of a desktop version. Even so, our software enables you to track working hours you devote to work on a mobile device. Thanks to TimeCamp you don’t have to worry about counting your working hours anymore.

Tracking Time With TimeCamp

To start tracking your work hours on iphone app, you don’t have to do much. With the following steps you will now be able to learn how many hours you devote to work on your iphone:

  1. Sign up and implement time tracking
  2. Download TimeCamp time tracker app for desktop
  3. Download TimeCamp time tracker for a mobile device from:
    1. time tracking app from Google Play Store
    2. time tracking app from iTunes to iOS
  4. Our application will show you detailed reports on how many work hours you spet on iphone, however:
    1. working on mobile device – remember to turn on the application when you start doing it and to turn it off when you stop.
    2. if you want to use our application on a laptop or desktop, it will track time spent on work automatically.
How to track work hours on iphone app

At the end of the day or week you can check the reports and see how many work hours you dedicate to work on your iphone.
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Track work hours you spend on your iphone and
and do it using TimeCamp!