TimeCamp allows its users to track time on projects/task automatically basing on keywords. TimeCamp will start tracking time on a

specific project/task each time it will be able to detect assigned keyword in application’s name or window title, as well as in URL addresses.

To start automatic time tracking, first you need to define keywords for your projects and tasks so the system knows which applications and websites should be assigned to which projects. In order to create a new project go to Projects and Tasks link in the Manage section in the left menu.

Enter your project’s name and then choose keywords. Choosing right keywords is necessary for TimeCamp to work properly. Those words “tell” TimeCamp when you start and finish working on a project.

How to choose best keywords?

TimeCamp detects those words and automatically assigns time to a particular project. Keyword should appear in the name of active window. Most common examples of those names are:
– folder’s name or file’s name
– application’s name
– address of a website (or part of it)
– project’s name
– name of a client

There are a couple of conditions that keywords need to meet. First of all, a keyword need to be unambiguous. For example, if you want to measure time spend on programming, using the word “programming” as a keyword will NOT be a good idea. The word is too general and it doesn’t really tell TimeCamp anything specific. It would be better to use application’s name (for example NetBeans) used to programming or the title of project we’re working on.

It’s also extremely important to use unique keywords. In case we created many tasks, we need to avoid using the same keywords in multiple of them.

What would be a great idea is to avoid common words, like “www”, “website”, “dashboard”.

It’s important to break the habit of entering the description of our activities as a keyword. For example “creating a website”, “writing a document”, “modyfing database”, “working on graphics”. Those informations are not useful for TimeCamp. For examples mentioned above it would be a much better idea to use address of website we’re working on, name of document we’re editing, name of database, name of application used to work on graphics.

How to switch between automatic and manual mode in desktop application?

Now you can start the automatic tracking mode. Click on the TimeCamp icon on your taskbar with the right mouse button and select the Auto mode.

Automatic time tracking

Save your precious time and let computer track time for you. Enjoy automatic time tracking.

Why I have small green widget  that says No task in desktop app?

When you are in automatic mode in Desktop Application this will tell you that TimeCamp didn’t find any keyword right in that moment. You can switch to manual mode to choose tasks by yourself, or define better keywords.


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