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Automatic time tracking

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In addition to classic time tracking, we’re providing you with the possibility to track time in projects automatically. This method requires the desktop application (TimeCamp agent) to be installed on your computer.

To each of your clients/projects/tasks you can define different keyword. If the desktop app is set to automatic mode, it can use this keyword to automatically assign your time to the mentioned projects. However, it needs to recognize it first in the window title/file name. So whenever you will open a file/website/app and desktop app will recognize the matching keyword it will automatically switch to the associated task. If you configure many keywords, it is possible to automate your time tracking!




Install the desktop app.


In the Projects module create some project and tasks with keywords. Hit “enable keyword” in editing box and enter the proper values. Separate keywords with the comma. (Find out, how to set up keywords)



Set the application mode to “automatic” one.

Now desktop application will automatically switch between tasks based on keywords

Every task can have multiple keywords. TimeCamp Desktop Application is constantly searching for these keywords in window titles, URLs and application names. If TimeCamp will find matching keyword it will automatically switch to a proper task.


Why do I have a small green widget, that says “No task” in the desktop app?

When you are in automatic mode in Desktop Application this will tell you that TimeCamp didn’t find any keyword right in that moment. You can switch to manual mode to choose tasks by yourself, or define better keywords.


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