In addition to classic time tracking, we’re providing you with a possibility to track time in projects automatically. This method requires desktop application (TimeCamp agent) to be installed on your computer.


Automatic time tracking is based on keywords. You can assign them to each of your tasks and direct TimeCamp agent on how it’s supposed to credit measured time. The desktop agent will search for keywords in window titles, URL addresses or file names. The correct detection will usually depend on the application used. For example, Microsoft Word stores document’s name in window title. If you’d like to track time spent on specific document to specific project, all you’ll need to do is add this document’s name as a keyword for desired task.

You can add keywords to each task in project management page. Separate keywords with comma.


Next, switch application’s time tracking mode to automatic. To do that, right-click on TimeCamp icon in your operating system’s taskbar and make sure that tracking mode is set to automatic. From now on application won’t let you choose tasks manually – it will only detect keywords and assign time to tasks on the base of them.


The automatic detection mechanism looks for keywords in window titles. If TimeCamp will find two keywords (which are added to separate tasks) in the same window title, it will choose the longer keyword (or sum of characters in multiple detected keywords) and select the task based on that.

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