Basecamp integration

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Basecamp offers a wide range of possibilities that will help you organize your whole work. It keeps everything in one place. In Basecamp you can list all the tasks, invite people to join the project and do your job together, online, at the same time.

Basecamp integration adds the ability to log hours for a to-do item, to-do list and project created in Basecamp. All of the tasks will be synchronized with TimeCamp. It will categorize them the same way as BaseCamp does. Please keep in mind, that integration operates only with accounts created on

Watch our short video to learn more:

Note: to enable the integration you’ll need administrator’s privileges. Now, to try the integration go to the system settings. Select the Basecamp option from “Integrations” tab (or simply go to

Click the “Enable the integration” button.

After couple of seconds you will be redirected to Basecamp and asked for a confirmation. Click on the “Yes, I allow access” button.


After another couple of seconds you will be redirected back to TimeCamp. Your tasks from Bascemap will be automatically synchronized with your projects in TimeCamp and you will be able to track the time for each task easily.


Check our integration page – Basecamp

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