Billable Time

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You can set up time as billable in two ways:

  1. You can define whether the certain task should be billable or not, be the default. Simply go to the Project module, click on a certain task/project and tick the checkbox. If you are creating a task, it is automatically copying the billable/unbillable flag from its parent task or parent project.

Please note:

  • By default projects and tasks are billable

2. It is possible to mark certain time entries as billable or unbillable. Every user has the ability to do that, while they enter their time.

You can make time entry billable or unbillable by going to Timesheet, hovering a mouse on particular time entry and click on the $ icon.

When you are starting a timer or creating a new time entry, we automatically copy the billable/unbillable flag for the associated task with this particular time entry.


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