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TimeCamp’s Billing add-on allows you to easily track project’s budget and margin. You can create various income/cost rates and assign them to specific projects or users. Then simply track time on your tasks and generate reports, which would account your margins automatically.

Feature activation

To activate the Billing module log in to your TimeCamp and go to Settings (1). Note that administrator’s privileges are required to access them.

In the add-on tab, you can enable the “billing module” (2).  Once you do it, there will be another tab created called “Billing rates”, where you can define specific settings for this module(2). You will be automatically redirected there when you enable the module.

Here you can set default currency visible on reports, manage your rates and decide whether or not to use the rate value history feature. This feature will allow you to use different rates (for a specific project or user) in a different timeframe. Note that you can set both revenue and salary rating.



Setting individual rates

By going to “Billing Rates” tab, you’ll be able to set up individual values for created rates for specific groups and users. You can also change rates for

  1. specific projects,
  2. or specific users/ groups
  3. or specific users in specific projects only!

In “Users & Groups” tab (1) you’ll be able to setup values for rates for a specific group (or subgroup), as well as separate value for the specific user. If no value is selected, the user will inherit value from group’s setting. If no value is set for a group, the default rate will apply (available to set on add-on’s settings, mentioned above).

Note that inherited values are greyed-out, while individual rates look a bit sharper (2).

You can also set up individual value for specific rate for the specific project. This can be done under “Projects & Users in Projects” tab (1). Of course, each subtask can have its own value as well. By default, subtasks inherit values from their parent task (2).

To setup value for specific user IN specific project, stay on “Projects & Users in Projects” tab (1). Click on the name of the project you wish to edit values for (2). The new table will appear on the bottom (3). Here you can setup individual rates for the chosen project (4). Note that it will also apply to all subtasks of the edited project.

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