Trying to avoid the situation, where you have multiple time entries (to one, same task) it’s good to have in mind that there is a setting allowing you to modify time in already existing entry.

Let’s refer to a situation in which you create a time entry and for some reason you stop the timer. After a while you decide to continue it – not necessarily wanting to have it placed as separate time entry on your Timesheet. In that case you just need to go to Timesheet settings(1), disable “Autocomplete fields duration and from-to”(2) and unable “modify time in existing entry”(3) – as it has been shown on the picture below. This way you will be able to track on previous time entry, without creating a several number of them.

This setting is extremly important, especially when it comes to  automatic time tracking. Due to its  precision, desktop app can create multiple couple-seconds time entries by default.

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