Copying Timesheets and time entries

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This feature allows you to copy your time entries (also entire Timesheets) to any other day. Simply click on the “Copy time entries from the different days” button, which is located on the bottom of your textual timesheet. This will open an editing box, that will allow you to pick certain entries.

In the first step, you get to specify which entries exactly do you want to copy, also having in mind that you can choose as many of them as you want.

a) Tick the checkboxes, next to the entries you want to copy, or (optionally) select an entire day.

b) You can also switch within days simply by using arrows, that will navigate you to the different days. By moving to the left, you’ll be able to see your past timesheets; on the other hand, right arrow will bring you forward to the future ones.

Next thing you need to do is to specify dates, to which marked data will be copied to.

c) You can select either a single day,

d) or pick a date range, whereas weekends won’t be included. This feature can be used to create a recurring timesheet or set of time entries.

e,f) The only thing left is to hit the “copy” button and enjoy a new timesheet, that was created without a needless labor. Keep in mind though that not only entries can be moved – along with them you can also copy the duration and start/end time.


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