How to create TimeCamp subscription?

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You can choose from two versions of TimeCamp subscription:

Basic ($7/user/month) which includes: tracking time, unlimited users, tracking productivity, mobile&desktop app, unlimited projects&tasks + exporting, addons&integrations, billable time&budgeting.

Pro    ($10/user/month) which includes: exporting, tracking time, unlimited users, tracking productivity, mobile & desktop app, addons & integrations, billable time & budgeting, unlimited projects & tasks + invoicing, priority support, scheduled reports, time sheet approvals, projects costs & billing rates.

To do that you will need to have administrator privileges.

Firstly click on Upgrade Account in the upper right corner of the site (on this site you can also see details of your plan and check if total amount is correct.):

On the next page you will see panel where you can choose a convenient option for you:


  1. There you can choose your plan (Basic or Pro)
  2. Select number of seats
  3. Select payment method (Billed monthly or yearly, Credit Card or PayPaless)
  4. Enter your company address
  5. Click “Subscribe x (Amount of licences) pro/basic, monthly or yearly seats”

If you missed something, you get the notification. For example:


Now you can see the information about your order:

Add the details about your credit card:


By clicking on the green button you automatically agree to charge your credit card.

That’s it! Your subscription has been upgraded.

Remember that you can get invoices from all your payments in Settings of your Subscription.

We will charge your credit card after your Trial Period expires.

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