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If you reach the decision you no longer want to use our services, you can proceed in two different ways.

  1. Downgrade your account.
  2. Delete your account.

1. Downgrading account will allow you to keep your data and access it anytime you want. You will be also able to still use TimeCamp in the limited plan, without fully giving up on it.

a) You can downgrade your subscription in the Settings> Subscription tab

b) Simply Choose a Solo plan that is free of charge.

c) The solo plan can be used only by one user, so the number of seats will be changed automatically to one.

d) On your side, you will need to disable the rest of the users.

e) Hitting “Update” will cancel your subscription and you’ll be able to enjoy the solo account.


2. If you don’t want to keep any data and you are sure you won’t give a TimeCamp another try, you can delete your account entirely. To delete your account login to TimeCamp Dashboard. Note: only account owner can delete the account.

Select Settings from the top menu.

In the “General” tab, under the list of enabled add-ons, you’ll find a grey “Close account” link. Proceed with instructions on the next page.

Remember to confirm deleting your account – type “DELETE” and click “DELETE ACCOUNT”

Please keep in mind that this operation is irreversible. Think twice about deleting your account – we won’t be able to bring it back! Confirm your decision and your account will be permanently deleted.


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