Deleting & archiving

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You can delete and archive task any time. By deleting task you’re completely erasing all the data gathered for the specific assignment. Archiving task will make your employees unable to track time to it, but you won’t lose any data and still be able to generate reports regarding this task. While you can unarchive task any time, there is no option to retrieve data from deleted tasks.

To perform preferred operations click on “Projects” (1) and hover on the name of your task. Now you can simply click three dots next to the task name(2) and decide whether you want to archive or delete the certain task(3) .

If you’ve imported task structure from other project management software, tasks deleted in that software will be automatically archived in TimeCamp during next synchronization between your two favorite applications.

Generating reports from archived tasks

To generate report from your archived tasks you have go to “Reports” (1) and remember to change parameters from “Active Tasks” to “Active and Archived Tasks” (2). After that it will be possible to generate those reports.


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