Desktop application

Desktop application

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The desktop application will give you the ability to do three following things:

  1. It will track time you’re spending on computer and send data to our servers regularly. Thanks to it you can generate multiple reports about your computer usage (such as applications usage,  visited websites, computer turn on/off times, efficiency level etc.).
  2. Other than that it’s another tool for tracking time to projects and tasks. It can work in two modes – manual and automatic.
  3. The desktop application is equipped with a useful widget which allows you to quickly choose a task and start/stop tracking time to it.



There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind, before starting to use it:

  • desktop app works in the background, which means it doesn’t have a certain interface (apart from the widget)
  • From its level you can’t enter time manually/ add notes- you can only start and stop a timer, and assign this time to certain clients/project
  • synchronization between the desktop app and web interface takes place every 5 minutes
  • if you are working with a team, to access desktop app preferences you need to use the password of the administrator, that invited you to the team
  • to access other desktop app settings you can enter Settings -> General ->Desktop app
  • You can download it for Mac, Windows, and Linux (in case of the Linux, sometimes you need to download the package  – it contains .deb package as well as install script, which you need to run using terminal; it includes installation for all packages required for TimeCamp to run)

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