Differences between subscription plans

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There are 3 different plans: SOLO, BASIC, PRO

Free SOLO subscription can be used only by one user.


Basic plan in comparison to Free can be used by multiple users.

In addition, you get below-listed features:

  1. Exporting of the reports to pdf/excel, or sharing the report online
  2. A wide variety of integrations, both native ones and those available through Zapier (
  3. Budgeting, apart from option to set the budget in currency terms (

The advantages of PRO over Basic, are

  1. Invoicing (allows to generate invoices from time-entries or manually).
  2. Scheduled reports (allows to send reports periodically to certain email addresses)
  3. Timehseet approvals (you may require users to send timesheets for approval every day/week, so the entries are locked for editing a that prevent users from editing old entries)
  4. Projects costs & billing rates (allows to generate costs and revenues reports, and project budget reports based on customized rates)
  5. Priority support
  6. To-do list add-on


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