Differences between subscription plans

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There are 3 different plans: FREE, BASIC, PRO


The Free subscription can be used by an unlimited number of users to create unlimited Projects and tasks. Create reports of your time spent on Projects and export them to the PDF. One integration of your choice is available. You can also set default billing rates for your Users. Another new possibility is creating and adding Tags.


The Basic contains everything that is available in the Free one.

In addition, you get the below-listed features:

  1. Creating reports and customized ones
  2. Exporting the reports to Excel, CVS or sharing the report online
  3. A wide variety of integrations, both native ones and those available through Zapier (
  4. Budgeting and billable time
  5. Tracking your own and your team’s productivity

The advantages of PRO over Basic, are

  1. Invoicing (allows to generate invoices from time-entries or manually).
  2. Scheduled reports (allows to send reports periodically to certain email addresses)
  3. Timesheet approvals (you may require users to send timesheets for approval every day/week, so the entries are locked for editing that prevents users from editing old entries)
  4. Projects costs & billing rates (allows to generate costs and revenues reports, and project budget reports based on customized rates)
  5. Creating and adding Tags to users’ groups, projects and setting mandatory Tags
  6. To-do list add-on


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