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TimeCamp allows you to have an unlimited amount of so-called disabled users. Those users will not be able to log into their TimeCamp reports and no new data will be accepted from them in case they’d still have the TimeCamp desktop application installed. Their archived data can still be viewed by account administrators and they do not count into license limit.

To put it simple – if you wish to replace one user with another, you don’t need to delete the old user anymore and lose all gathered data. Simply set its status as ‘disabled user’ and you’ll free up additional license which you can use to add a new user.


Note: to change user’s status you’ll need administrator’s privileges.

Login to your TimeCamp Dashboard and go to System Settings.
Select “Users” bookmark.
Then, click on the user you wish to disable.



On the next screen, mark the “Disabled” checkbox available right under user’s avatar.

Save your changes by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page.


Note, that when you come back to “Users” bookmark, the disabled user has been marked grey on the list, and the license has been released for you to use on someone else.


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