Exporting reports

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In TimeCamp there are four options, that allow you to share/save reports. After generating a report (choosing either from eight already existing templates, or creating your own custom one) you can send it or export it in a chosen file format.

1) Sending via Email



This option allows you to determine the recipient, decide how often he/she will be receiving your emails, and designate the date from which reports will be activated. You can type in more than one email, separating each of them with commas. It’s also crucial to use predefined time periods like “This Week, Last Week”, and not manually choose a date from-to in the calendar. Otherwise, this report will be sent in a fixed timeframe.

2) Exporting


You can also select a file format to which your report will be exported.

3) Sharing reports online

Apart from PDF and Excel export you can also share report online. This gives you access to a link whose content is mutable and which you can easily share with other people.


4) Exporting to Google Sheets

You can also export your reports directly to your Google Drive and save the report as a Google Spreadsheet. This will allow you to easily share the report within your organization and visualize data using built-in Chart features.


IMPORTANT: to use this feature, you’ll need to login to your Google account after initiating the export for the first time. The login page will open as a popup window – make sure your browser doesn’t block such notifications or create an exception for TimeCamp before you proceed with exporting.

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