FAQ – Subscription

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1. Is the subscription assigned to the user?

No, Only the number of purchased seats must match the number of active users. A subscription is not assigned to a specific user. You can remove any user from your account and replace this user with someone else without additional costs.


2. If an employee leaves the company and I hire another one – do I have to cancel the subscription and buy a new one??

No, you don’t need to delete your former employee’s subscription. Simply deactivate the user ( who is no longer in your company and replace them by inviting a new user to the account. 


3. How much will I pay for a new user by ordering a subscription for him/her, e.g. in the middle of the billing period??

When adding new seats during the billing period, you must pay an amount proportionally reduced to the number of days remaining until the end of the billing period. This will be a one-time payment for new positions only.

The next subscription renewal will be for the seats that you already have + the newly added ones. 


4. Can the number of seats be reduced in the middle of the reference period? Will I get my money back then?

Yes, you can. Unused money will be transferred to an individual virtual credit/account. This money will be used to renew your subscription or add new users to your account during the subscription period.


5. Can I change my plan during the subscription period?

Yes, you can change your plan during the subscription period.

The subscription cost will then be proportionally reduced/increased depending on the selected plan.


If you downgrade from Pro to Basic plan – you will have a credit for later use. The credit is equal to the difference between the prices of plans and can be used in the next subscription renewal. 

If you upgrade from Basic to Pro plan – you will have to pay an amount proportional to the time remaining until the end of the subscription. 


The same reasoning applies when changing the subscription duration.


6. Can I cancel my subscription before it ends? Will I get the money back?

Regardless of the billing cycle, the Supplier provides no refunds or credits for unused time of the service or plan downgrades if the Account Owner decides to close the Timecamp account before the end of the subscription period.

You can cancel your Subscription Plan at any time in the Settings under the Subscription tab. After canceling, your Subscription Plan will stop working immediately. Credit from previous payments will be lost and are not refundable. More information is available in our ‘Terms & Conditions’ (

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